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Is Genesis History? Review

Is Genesis History? Two competing Views…One compelling Truth hosted by Del Tackett is a feature on the subject of Creation Science that uses scientific evidence to prove the Young Earth Creation view.

Compass Cinema provided this DVD free for this review. I was not required to give a positive review – only an honest review. My opinions are my own.

What’s Inside

The DVD or Blu-Ray include a 16 page “Useful Little Guide to the Film”. This booklet gives you a brief summary of each section of the film as well as three major points about the film as a whole. There’s a key quote from the scientist for each section.

The main feature runs for 101 minutes and the disc includes 61 minutes of bonus materials.

Bonus features include:

  • Q&A with Dr. Del Tackett & Scientists – 13 minutes
  • The Ice Age & Climate Change: Larry Vardiman PhD (Atmospheric Scientist) – 15 minutes
  • Engineering the Universe: Stuart Burgess, PhD (Mechanical Engineer) – 18 minutes
  • The Church and Creation: Douglas Kelly, PhD (Theologian) – 12 minutes
  • Film Trailer – 3 minutes

Main Feature

The feature itself is a series of discussions with scientists on location. Each scientist goes to a different location – taking the host to the locations where they actually perform their research including the Grand Canyon, museums, and laboratories, and discuss rocks, structures, bones, stretchy tissue in dinosaur bones, space through a telescope, the Hebrew meaning of yom, etc. They discuss them both scientifically and biblicaly. Rather than trying to make a pre-conceived evolutionary idea fit into the scientific evidence, they show the science behind each of the topics and how each one fits in with the Bible while taking the Bible literally.

The conversations are scientific but they’re also easy to follow. They don’t try to use language that goes over the heads of the audience. When they do use scientific words they explain them so they’re easily understood. The concepts are demonstrated by the locations themselves and by drawings using a sketched art style that looks great and gets the point across.

The scientists also point out problems the evolutionary theory has with the facts. For example, there are no erosion marks between the layers in the Grand Canyon and there shouldn’t be soft tissue within dinosaur bones. They point out problems with dating methods and show how long periods of time doesn’t help the evolution theory.

There are many additional resources available at There are interviews with more of the scientists involved with the movie, additional articles, suggested books for further study, and links to other creation sites. You can even purchase a license to screen this film at your church or other group setting and download a printable copy of the booklet to hand out at your screening (or for you to read if you watched it from a streaming service instead of buying a hard copy).

There’re enough topics covered and enough information given to build a firm foundation in biblical Creation from the Young Earth view. I’ve studied the topic extensively and I still learned a lot from Is Genesis History. As Dr. Del Tackett says “Nothing in the world makes sense except in the light of Genesis.”


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