Vintage Zondervan Longprimer

Charles Jackson recently obtained this beautiful Zondervan Imperial Longprimer. Here is his thoughts and the photos he shared. My thanks to Charles for this article.


vintage longprimer 1               

This is a Longprimer from the Zondervan Imperial Bible line. It is a vintage edition from the 60’s or 70’s. I am not sure of the specific year.
vintage longprimer 2

The grain on the Bible is very pronounced. It has long striation which I happen to like very much.

vintage longprimer 3

vintage longprimer 4

This angle shows of the semi yapp edges of this Bible along with the beautiful gold gilt.

vintage longprimer 5

vintage longprimer 6

This Bible was bound in Brown Cowhide and is bonded leather lined. I believe that it will break in beautifully over time. The bonded leather liner will prevent it from being truly liquid but I believe it will be flexible.

vintage longprimer 7

The page layout is two column with center column references. You can see the gold gilt line impressed into the liner that outlines the page edges when the Bible is open. The Bible contains a single ribbon marker.

vintage longprimer 8


vintage longprimer 9

There are presentation pages at the front of this Bible.

vintage longprimer 10

You can see the overcast stitch feature which is seen here in the Concordance of the Bible.

vintage longprimer 11

The Bible does contain colored maps behind the concordance.

vintage longprimer 12

A unique feature in this Bible: There is an additional table of contents page for the New Testament right before the book of Matthew.

vintage longprimer 13

vintage longprimer 14

vintage longprimer 15

A closer look at the beautiful grain of this Bible. You can also see the slight sheen the cover contains.

vintage longprimer 16

As you can see, it contains the Longprimer font type.

This is a truly remarkable Vintage Zondervan Imperial Bible. Hope you enjoyed the pics of the Longprimer. God bless!

Charles Jackson

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Randy A Brown

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. norm

    Thanks for the history lesson Charles. A red letter Longprimer, you might want to hang on to this one. I noticed the Zondervan setting looks a little different than the Oxford Longprimer.

    • Charles Jackson

      You are very much welcome. In terms of variation of setting, the Oxford print is bolder and the center columns more narrow. That also causes the margin around the Oxford setting to be wider. The Zondervan does not contain as many references in the center column either.

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