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ESV Gospels Reader’s Set from Crossway is a 4-volume reader’s set that presents the Gospels without chapter and verse numbers. Each Gospel is presented in a separate volume in cloth over board. It comes in a slipcase to hold all four books. They use the 2016 ESV text. ISBN:9781433562099, printed in China.

Crossway provided this reader’s set in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive review. 


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The books are tan cloth over board with a dark brown paper liner. They’re Smyth sewn. Their size is 6 x 4.25 x around .5″. They don’t include a ribbon. ESV, the name of the book, and the Crossway logo are printed in gold on the spine of each book.

The paper looks to be the same as the 6-Volume Reader’s Set. It’s extra thick and extremely opaque. It has a cream color and a texture that’s easy to turn. I love reading from this paper.

The slipcase is thick board. It’s sturdy and holds the books well. It has a dark rust red color with gold printing and black designs on the front and back. The spine has John 21:25 printed in gold.


The text is presented in a single-column paragraph setting with no chapter or verse numbers. The header shows the name of the book on the left page and a running heading on the right page. Page numbers are centered in the footer.

The typeface is 12 Trinité. It’s dark and easy to read. Everything is line-matched except for the poetic settings, and the show-through from it is so faint that I had to look close just to see it. This text is a joy to read from.

It does have section headings at major breaks in the text. Where this happens, the text has a large drop cap. Both the heading and the drop cap are in dark red. I love this red. It looks elegant. The headings also appear in the header in black.

Each book includes a short introduction. It provides a little bit of information about the author, audience, writing style, and highlights a few themes from the book.

In the back of each book is an index of chapters for that book. It lists each chapter and provides the page number where that chapter starts.


Here’s how the ESV Reader’s Gospels 4-volume set compares to a few other ESV reader’s editions.

6-Volume Reader’s Set

The ESV 6-Volume Reader’s Set is taller and wider. The print seems to be the same. The paper isn’t as opaque as the Reader’s Gospels.

ESV Scripture Journal 

The ESV Scripture Journal seems to have the same paper and print. They’re also taller.


The ESV Gospels Reader’s Set is a nice set of books. Each of the four books is a joy to read from. They’re made well and they’re small enough to carry and read on the go. They provide a great way to read the Gospels without distractions. I highly recommend the ESV Gospels Reader’s Set from Crossway.


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Crossway provided this reader’s set in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive review. 

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