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Coming Soon: Cambridge Topaz

Update August 20 – We just got our first glimpse of the Topaz layout. The references are placed in one margin and the footnotes are placed in the footer. It will be available in edge-lined black goatskin, edge-lined dark blue goatskin, black calfskin, and cherry red calfskin.

Cambridge has announced a new Bible setting coming soon called Topaz. They haven’t provided much information about it yet, but it’s exciting to see Cambridge producing a new design. By using the phrase “Scripture Reset” it’s likely they’re focusing heavily on design. They’re releasing information every Tuesday on their Facebook page.  Follow their page for more and stayed tuned as I’ll provide as much information as possible. Also, I will be reviewing it as soon as it’s available.

Update August 7  – Cambridge has released more information about the Topaz. It’s a two-color reference Bible with a new design. It will be larger than the Pitt Minion and work for both private and public reading. It will be available in multiple translations and it will be a high-quality edition.

Update August 13 –  It will be printed on India-style paper with traditional binding techniques. It will be  sewn to lay flat. It’s a verse-by-verse layout with chapter and verse numbers printed in red. The typeface will be 10 point. It will have an extensive concordance, two ribbon markers, maps, family records, presentation page, and red letter for the words of Christ. The first translation will be the ESV.  It will be around the size of the Turquoise.

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Randy A Brown

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. Paul Treslove


    • Paul Treslove

      I just hope it has a leather liner.

  2. Magneto

    It does have a leather liner. Not sure about this gimmicky marketing pitch about titanium paper – might be complete bull. This bible offers absolutely zero new ideas. Very uninspiring – same old same old.

    • Randy A Brown

      The titanium is a pigment that adds to the opacity.

  3. Paul Esposito

    Hi Randy.
    Have you heard anything about a NKJV Topaz, and when that might be arriving, if at all?

    • Randy A Brown

      Hi Paul. The goal was to publish it this fall. I’m not sure if that’s changed since the pandemic.

  4. Andrew

    Will there be a wide margin edition available?

    • Randy A Brown

      Hi Andrew. I’ve asked my contact at Cambridge. I’ll let you know when they answer.

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