Circuit Rider Bible from Church Bible Publishers

In early July,¬†Church Bible Publisher’s will release the Circuit Rider Bible. This is a limited edition KJV made for circuit preachers. This is the text-only thineline that I reviewed recently, which includes a 9-point font in red-letter, a 1-inch outer margin, and 33gsm paper.

It comes in brown cowhide with a flap and leather string, and it’s one of my favorite covers that I’ve seen on any Bible. The cowhide is rugged and elegant at the same time. It has a pebbly grain with a lighter brown texture. Rather than having the cover fold over the liner, both are sewn together with a tan thread that creates perimeter stitching. On the spine are 5 raised hubs and Holy Bible, King James, and CBP in gold. The flap is extra flexible so it doesn’t get in the way when the Bible is opened. The edge-lined liner is a soft cowhide leather that feels durable. It comes with 2 black ribbons and black and gold head/tail bands.

The CBP Circuit Rider Bible is a great choice for anyone wanting a thinline wide margin text-only KJV that doesn’t need a large font or margins all around.

CBP loaned this Bible for review. I was not asked to give a positive review.

Here are a few photos of this impressive cover and limited edition. I’ve also included a few photos to show how it compares to the thinline edition.

Circuit Rider KJV Photos

Circuit Rider KJV vs CBP Thinline

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  1. Maverick Sterling Smith

    I always enjoy your blogs and vids Randy. When this post came up on my phone, ironically I was on the CBP website. Being a thin-line preferred user, I might have to purchase this one. Thank you for how much time and energy you invest in all these Bible reviews. I’m sure I speak for tons of others when I say it is greatly appreciated brother!


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