BibleWorks is a high-end Bible program that specializes in the original languages and includes scan of the manuscripts an dozens of translations in many languages.

The free update includes lots of new features including morphology for the Alexandrinus Greek text, the Biblia Hebraica Quinta (8 books), its apparatus to the Stuttgart Original Language OT package, and the Gospel of Thomas (Greek, Coptic, English, etc.) to the Stuttgart Original Language NT package. You can order the Stuttgart Original Language OT and NT packages at the BibleWorks modules page.

Owners the Stuttgart NT module will get an update with the full UBS5 apparatus (which includes Discourse Segmentation Apparatus and Cross-references).

The Mac installer for BW10 is also greatly improved. The BW9 version 3 and 4 is now free.

To see my review of BibleWorks10, check out part one: BIBLEWORKS 10 REVIEW PART 1 – NEW FEATURES AND THE SEARCH WINDOW