Miklal Software Solutions King James Version for nook

Miklal Software Solutions’ KJV for nook is one of the simplest and easiest Bibles to use for nook. With great looking text and top-notch navigation, it is a must-own edition of the King James Version.

I like the way Miklal Software Solutions develops Bibles. They approach a Bible with ease of use in mind. This edition continues that strong effort. The text is the 1769 edition and contains both Old and New Testaments.

There are four ways to navigate through the Bible. You can use the interactive table of contents, you can scroll through a list of chapters in the book of the Bible you want to read, you can use the slider to go to a page, or you can go directly to a verse using the search function. The search function is simple to use. Type in the name (or abbreviation of the name) of the book, followed by a space, the chapter number, a space, and the verse number. For example, typing ps 119 105 will take you to Psalm 119:105.

Not many Bibles work as well as this one. Reading most Bibles on e-readers is more of a hassle than a joy. Not so with Miklal Software Solutions’ KJV. It’s easy to navigate and simple to use- making it a great Bible for daily use. With its ease of navigation and great text, Miklal Software Solution’s King James Version for nook is a must-own Bible for nook.


Miklal Software Solutions provided this Bible free for review. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.



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