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Bibles in the Wild Part One

Here in the backwoods of Tennessee you never know what you’re going to find in your own back yard. On today’s expedition into the wild I was fortunate enough to have my camera with me, and it’s a good thing too, because I ran across some Bibles in the wild.

ESV Psalms

Bibles in the Wild (1)

The first Bible was actually just the book of Psalms, but it’s a nice one. It looks like it’s really enjoying the warmth of the tractor in the sun.

NIV Journal Edition

This NIV Journal Edition tried to run but fortunately I had my camera ready. You can try and run, but you can’t outrun my shutter finger!



The Holman Large Print Ultra Thin was sunning itself on this park bench. It didn’t see me. It’s unusual to see them open in the wild out on a park bench.

TBS Winsdor

This Windsor was enjoying some relax time in this outdoor chair.


Here was a momma and her baby. I could tell the baby wanted to come closer and see what the camera was but the momma wouldn’t let it.


I think this little baby was roaming away from its momma. I didn’t want to get too close in case its momma was around the corner. Out here in the wild you just never know. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Brevier Clarendon Wide Margin

I almost missed this BC wm. They’re rare and you almost never seen them in the wild. I knew this was a lucky day.


When I went back to the park bench this goatskin Concord was there. I don’t know where the other Bible went, but this one wasn’t going to just lie there and sun itself with people around.

NLT Select

I saw this NLT Select in a tree. I’ve heard they don’t usually lie around in trees. This one was being stalked by a cat that you can just see in the background.


I walked up on this one and I have to admit… I jumped. I’m not sure what it was, but I just left it alone. I mean, is it when brown touches gold, or… I don’t remember. I don’t know if it saw me or not, but that gold ribbon was pointing right at me. If anyone has any information about this one please let me know.

UPDATE – Mystery Solved. It turned out to be a Zondervan Thinline Large Print KJV text-only edition.


I’ve never seen one of these ESV wide margins this close to the ground. They’re always in the tops of the trees where they’re harder to see. I’ve seen them at eye-level on documentaries, but I never expected to see one this close.

When I walked closer to it I was surprised that it opened and showed me its ribbons!

Now that I think about it there was a few sounds around me. Maybe it was responding to one that I didn’t know was there.


I walked up on these Clarions. The KJV and NKJV seemed to be interested in the ESV. I watched for a minute and then was appalled at what happened next.

The KJV and NKJV jumped the ESV. The best I could tell it was an unprovoked attack! I started to step in.

The ESV opened and the other two ran. I think it was a defense mechanism.

Final Thoughts

Well that was today’s expedition. I was fortunate to see a lot of Bibles today. I’m not always that lucky to see this many in the wild.

How about you? Have you seen any Bibles in the wild? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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