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Why You Need More than One Bible

MoreThanOne_5-1024x672Mark Bertrand recently asked me to write a guest post for his spectacular website Bible Design Blog. Of course it didn’t take me long to say yes. The post we decided on was a topic that he and I, as well as the readers of both of our websites, share: the struggle of trying to settle on just one Bible to do everything we need. I’ve struggle with this for years and have come to the conclusion that you need more than one Bible. You can see what I have to say about this at the Bible Design Blog:

Why You Need More than One Bible: A Guest Post

Thanks Mark for allowing me to post!

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Randy A Brown

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. Don Denison

    Dear Friends:

    I agree that no one bible will fulfill all our needs completely, but some come close. I’ve come to the conclusion that the page size has to be 5″X7″ minimum, cover stiff enough to be able to be hand held with one hand for an hour or two, type font of at least 8, must contain a decent concordance, glossary, dictionary and or appendices for facts, measurments etc, a generous number of maps and a table of contents for them, bound well with calfskin and at least 3 ribbon markers. The personal Concord almost makes it (6.5 type font is too small) the TBS Westminister almost makes it, but it is too large and heavy for extended one handed reading, I’m buying the Cameo as soon as I can find one with the previous edition’s dictionary. If I can locate one, it will be the perfect bible for me.

    Yours in Christ

    Don Denison

  2. mike michael


    • Don Denison

      Dear Mike:

      What makes you think that the best books of the bible have been left out? Are you referring to the Apocrypha, if so it is available from Cambridge in their Cameo, and in some other printings. The Douay Reihms also includes those books. Protestant scholars are in agreement that the Apocrypha are not “God Breathed” scripture, though there are interesting accounts contained therein. There are other books as well, that all agree are interesting, but again not God inspired, and not included in the Holy Canon. God has preserved his word as he intended it to be. If you can’t trust God’s Word, and his ability to preserve it, what can you trust? Without God’s Word for an anchor, one steps into the void.

      Yours in Christ

      Don Denison

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