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Bible Exchange

Update – the website is no longer available. You can visit there Facebook page here:

The Bible Exchange opened up shop this past weekend. It’s several things rolled into one: it’s a place where you can buy new Bibles at low prices, it’s an auction site where you can sell and bid  much cheaper than eBay, it’s a place where you can post your own Bibles for trade, and it’s a place where you can read news and articles about Bibles. You will even see me there, selling, buying, trading, and writing about Bibles (here’s my article on the Bibliotheca project). This is a community of Bible enthusiasts that you’re sure to enjoy learning from and sharing with. Stop by often as you never know what will be for sale or trade.

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WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. Ron Bruner

    How do I get started buying, selling, and/or trading on The Bible Exchange? THANK YOU – Ron B.


      Hi Ron,

      I got a hardbound study Bible, “The Open Bible” King James Version, The Old Time Gospel Hour copyrighted 1975 by Thomas Nelson Inc. Publishers given to me as a gift by Pastor John L. Olores, my former Pastor at Bible Baptist Church in Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat, Mindanao, Philippines.

      I am looking at possibilities of owning a new one of the same kind or maybe a Cambridge Bible but of much better binding, cover and quality by way of Bible Exchange if that is possible since it’s been breaking apart due to my long time use being that the binding is not quite durable. (Although I am not easily predisposed to let go of the said Bible in my possession firstly being that said Bible is quite rich and fully loaded with a variety of study helps and features, secondly of course for sentimental reasons. It’s just that I am having a hard time handling it for as long as there are not available and reliable rebinding services within reach.

      I am a baptized believer of the Lord Jesus Christ having been saved in September 16, 1973 at 12 years of age. Presently I am a Bible student at our Church’s Bible School, the Berean Bible Baptist Bible School located at Gardenia Valley, Molino 3, Bacoor City, Philippines under the Pastorate of our Church Pastor Medel Barrera.

      It has been my earnest desire to own a much more sturdy study King James Bible that I can conveniently carry around especially to church for my use at our Bible School where I am presently enrolled in four (4) subjects for the semester namely: Biblical Character, Study on the Book of Romans, Prayer and Fasting and the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit.

      It would be a a great blessing for me to know if there is any way I can have a new King James study Bible much better in quality and even richer in content than the one I have right now through your Bible Exchange program.

      I would be happy to hear from you soon.

      Thank you.

      In Christ,

      Apollo G. Billano

      CONTACT NOS.: 0939 2108254 / 0943 4644270
      ADDRESS: Lot 1, Block 8, Martin de Porres St., BF Topman 2 Homes, Soldier Hills 4, Molino 6, Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines

  2. Danielle


    I am looking for a Bible that is King James, that has wide margins, large print, that has references. It would be wonderful to also have maps and concordance of some kind to help me locate then and now references. It would be great to be paperback or soft bound.

    I’ve been looking for such a long time. I’ve just moved to AR and it is much harder to find things than where I used to live. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you have an ideas about which Bible, it would be so helpful.

    I’ve looked at the Holman, Open, Sword (I really love that they have God’s Words in red).
    Any help would be great.
    Thank you,

    • Randy Brown

      Hi Danielle. I only know of one large print wide margin with references. It’s from Hendrickson and has references at the end of verses. You can see the review here: Hendrickson Large Print Wide Margin.

  3. Wayne Halford

    What happened to the Exchange?

    • Randy A Brown

      Hi Wayne. Good question. I heard it’s coming back. I hope it does.

    • Preston aDams

      It’s no on Facebook listed as: Bible Exchange

    • David joel Sostre

      Badly put together site. Its just cheap. Im tryna sell my bibles and i cant figure out where to sell them. Its not leading me anywhere. Your site sucks. Period.


  4. Ron

    I’ve been trying to find a really good Bible like my 1984 NKJV giant print end of verse reference –leather– 436BG. I’ve marked mine up so much I need a new one to read. Gave one away to a friend a few years back. OUCH

  5. Larry Ivey

    looking for an allan bible would like to discuss please feel free to call my cell anytime
    thank u kindly
    Larry 484)390-2117

    • Katherine M Hodge

      I have a brown leather goatskin Allan Bible in the NIV translation. It’s not my preferred translation and has not been used. Price negotiable as I would love to sell to someone who would treasure it.

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