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Just a quick post to share a couple more of my favorite bible journaling entries inspired by the Illustrated Faith Created to Create 2 Devotional Kit. (Unboxing here, another journaling entry here)

I am a Dayspring affiliate. I was sent the Created to Create 2 devotional kit free in exchange for posts about it and many of the links in this post are affiliate links.

Here’s my entry for Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1: 27. I loved the first devotional that dealt with the first five words of the Bible “In the beginning God created…”. I’ve always loved the idea that the reason so many of us want to create is because we were made in the image of a creative God. I’m glad I can use some of my creativity during my Bible studies. I’m also glad that God gave us lots of different forms of creativity, some of which will never be useful for Bible journaling (like baking or cross-stitch)

I knew as soon as I saw the heart included in this kit what kind of entry I wanted to do. An entry to look at on those days when I feel like I can’t do anything right. It could be a visual reminder of the times God has reminded me that I am His creation and He always does a good job. I make mistakes, I don’t always do what God intends for me to do but in the end I’m “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Ephesians 2:10 “ For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works,”  seemed a good verse to use as the foundation of my entry.  It took me a long time (and a few prayers) to figure out what the rest of this entry should look like. In the end I chose colors and hearts to echo elements of  the tip-in, three simple phrases that would encourage me, and the ending line from “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. While I don’t believe I’m destined for great things I do believe all God’s children are capable of great things with God’s strength and guidance.

I’ve heard a few people (even in the Bible industry) refer to Bible art journaling as a fad. It’s not. It’s already been popular too long to be just a fad and iI don’t think it’s going anywhere. There are those who only journal because it’s new or in but that isn’t most of us. It will most likely change quite a bit from time to time especially in reference to what art supplies are “popular”.  But for most of us it’s always more about the time spent with God than the pretty picture we end up with. I think there are many of us who cherish (and enjoy) the conversations we have with God through our artwork (or our scribbles) too much for us to let go of it very easily or any time soon.

If you find kits like this fun or helpful consider checking out Dayspring’s Devotional Kits & Journals page.

What ways are you creative? Do you have a favorite verse about creativity? A favorite verse to encourage you on those days when everything goes wrong?  Do you ever use journaling kits like Created to Create 2? How long do you think Bible art journaling will last? Let me now in the comments.


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Lucinda Brown

Homemaker, Pastor's Wife, and former homeschooler (my kids graduated). I love to read (especially God's Word) but am a reluctant writer. Besides reading I enjoy cooking, gardening, and a large variety of crafts. I don't consider myself an expert at any craft and am always finding new crafts and art mediums I want to try.

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