There are several new Bible releases for February 2018.

Please keep in mind I’m using the most current information I have available. Things happen (good and bad) and release dates get moved both directions with little advance notice sometimes. I welcome corrections and additions and this post will be updated during the month of February 2018 if new information becomes available.

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Children’s Bibles

The vast majority of Bibles releasing in February are aimed at the younger generation.

First there is the CSB Great & Small Bible: A Keepsake Bible for Babies, which will release around the middle of the month. This hardcover Bible has the full text of the CSB translation and the words of Christ in red. What makes it a keepsake Bible is the gift box, presentation page, and 24 illustrated pages that contain animals both big and small and are specially designed for recording your baby’s milestones.

NIrV Seek and Explore Holy Bible, due out near the beginning of the month, promises to help any child explore God’s Word using the learning style they use best. Nine different wayees, or animal companions, highlight different journeys through the Bible using a variety of activities and study methods. Intended for kids 6 to 10 years old each path uses a different method of learning (such as logical reasoning, emotional engagement, or kinesthetic).

Near the beginning of the month both the CSB Study Bible for Boys and the CSB Study Bible for Girls will also release. Designed for children 8 to 12 years old they feature many of the same study helps  (book introductions, biographical sketches, indexes, concordance, maps, and more). The differences between the two are more than ink colors and covers though, the devotions and what would life have been like in Bible times are different and written to appeal to the needs and interests of their separate audiences.

There is another Bible designed for 8 to 12 year old girls coming in the middle of the month called the NIV Beautiful Word Bible for Girls. This Bible includes 500 full color illustrations and lots of room for note-taking or drawing next to the NIV single column text. It might be a good choice for young girls who want to write in their Bibles but aren’t interested in coloring pre-drawn pictures.

NIV Kids’ Quiz Bible, due near the middle of the month, is also aimed at 8 to 12 year olds. Highlighting important stories and verses every page features quiz questions that you can read the text and find the answers for. If I bought this for one of my nephews he’d soon be using the questions to quiz everyone else too.

If your looking for a new Bible for a tween or teen you might also want to check out the new covers that will be available soon (some in February and some in March) for the ESV Student Study Bible. (review here)

Other Bibles

 Cambridge will be publishing two edge-lined bindings of their NRSV Reference Edition, augmenting the current range that already comprises hardback and French Morocco leather. The goatskin with real leather lining and top-quality cowhide will be available February 8th.

Church Bible Publishers will have their Large Print Thompson Chain Bible back in stock by the 16th of February. Also coming this month from Church Bible Publishers is a Red Letter Notetakers Bible with silver gilding, a new Soul Winners New Testament and a Limited edition Classic Scofield Bible in Lambskin with silver gilding.

The NKJV Faithlife Study Bible is due out near the middle of the month. This is the same visually striking and exploration encouraging notes and pictures designed by the makers of Logos Bible software found in the NIV Faithlife Study Bible (review here).

Crossway’s easy to carry and affordably priced ESV Vest Pocket New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs will have half a dozen new covers to choose from this February.

The Softcover ESV Reader’s Bible will ship near the end of the month. This paperback version of Crossway’s single volume Reader’s Bible will be lighter and less expensive then the previous editions (review of hardcover here). It is a good choice for a first Reader’s Bible (either for yourself or as a gift) or a reading Bible to take with you on trips so you can worry less if something happens to it.

A Giant Print edition of the ESV Economy Bible will be coming around the 28th. This paperback Bible will feature a 12 point font and is designed for outreach programs and Sunday school classes.

Final Thoughts on New Bible Releases for February 2018

Are you planning on purchasing any of the new Bibles this month? Are there some you at least want to find out more about? I personally wish the NIrV Seek and Explore Holy Bible had been available when my children were at an age to be it’s intended audience. It sounds very useful especially for a Sunday school teacher or home school mother dealing with lots of different learning styles. We think everyone should own a reader’s Bible (or 2) so a paperback version is a good addition to Crossway’s lineup.

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If you know of a Bible releasing in February or a Bible publisher that wasn’t included please contact me at so I can add it(them). You can also contact me if you have a Bible releasing in the next few months so I will be sure to include it in the correct new release post. Please label your email Bible releases.

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