Bible Journaling – Created to Create 2 – We are the Clay

I am a Dayspring affiliate. I was sent the Created to Create 2 devotional kit free in exchange for posts about it and many of the links in this post are affiliate links.

When I first received my Created to Create 2 devotional kit from Illustrated Faith and Dayspring I read all the verses and devotionals through so I could spend time thinking about the meaning of them and hopefully gain some form of inspiration. Getting new journaling supplies or devotionals is always exciting. Some weeks I’m really good at letting that excitement carry over into action, and some weeks I’m not.

My inspiration for this entry came while I was praying before church this last Sunday. I had already journaled or started plans for 3 other entries from this kit but God directed me to the idea of “We are the Clay.” He spoke to my heart about what being the clay should mean to me.

Clay is suppose to be malleable but not too much.  Able to be shaped into what the potter wants it to be, but sturdy enough to hold the shape it’s given.

Clay that is too dry, too rigid, resists being shaped and usually cracks or crumbles. Sort of like us when we put ourselves first. When we want to do things our way instead of God’s. We resist God forming us into the best us and too often crack under stress or crumble emotionally because of it.

Clay that is too wet, too soft, shapes easily but doesn’t hold the shape the potter gives long enough to be of any use. Sort of like us when we worry too much about the world’s opinion of us or about pleasing everyone. We tend to let go of the ideals that God has given us and slump into the ways and habits of those who don’t follow God. It’s an easy path at first but makes us less useful as witnesses for Christ in the long run.

When we allow God to shape and mold us we become the best “Us” possible and are useful to God, ourselves, and those around us.

That isn’t to say that the molding process is always quick or easy (especially for the clay). But thankfully we have a potter who is willing to spend the time necessary to make us into “vessels of honor”. One willing to allow His Spirit, His Word, and circumstances in our lives dry us out or soften us up as needed.

In the past when I’ve done journaling articles I’ve focused more on the “art” than the “heart” but I had to at least try to share what God was telling me Sunday morning. I plan on doing a combination of the two types of posts from this point forward.

From an art standpoint if I were to do this entry over I’d use a different ink to stamp “we are the clay” so I wouldn’t have to outline it (I’d forgotten the gray in doesn’t show up as well on cream paper), take a little more time getting my lettering neat, and maybe use smears of color with black lettering instead of the three colored Pigma Microns directly on the page. From a heart standpoint I’d say it’s a near perfect reminder of my talk with God.

I will (hopefully) have another post up this Saturday (9/30) with another entry or two from this kit if you want to check back and see it.

Products used for this journaling entry include:

NKJV Blue Floral Journal the Word Bible

Created to Create 2 devotional kit

Light gray ink pad (mine is from the 2016 November devotional kit which is no longer available)

Pigma Micron Inductive Bible Study Kit 8pk

Prismacolor Colored Pencils


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