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UBS NIV Greek English New Testament Review

The UBS NIV Greek English New Testament from Zondervan Academic combines the 5th edition of the UBS critical text (with full apparatus) and the 2011 edition of the NIV. It provides a hand-sized parallel edition that’s easy to use for students and translators. The UBS 5 text contains the same Greek text as NA28. The only difference is a few details of punctuation and paragraphing. Spellings have been changed to match the Nestle-Aland 28th edition. It includes variants and adds manuscript evidence for the variants, showing how the variants and their evidence work together. Papyri 117-127 are also included....

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Thomas Nelson KJV NKJV Parallel Bible – Review

I use the KJV as my primary Bible. Sometimes I want to see a verse or word in a different translation. Parallel Bibles are great for this. You can teach from them and have quick and easy access to a different word that might help you explain the passage. Thomas Nelson’s KJV/NKJV Parallel Bible is an excellent Bible for comparing and using the two translations together. Pros Thick and opaque paper Font is sharp and bold NKJV notes Cons Small font Features KJV/NKJV in parallel Hard cover Glued binding Translators to the Reader Preface to the NKJV Black letter...

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Complete Jewish Bible/NIV 2011 Side by Side Reference Bible: An Interesting Paraphrase meets English’s dominant Version.

Around 2008, I was in Berean (now Lifeway) Christian Store and found a most interesting book on the shelf, one of those one of these things is not like the other books that grabbed my attention and insisted that it come home with me. It was called the Complete Jewish Bible. It was not at all what I expected and that is neither bad nor good; it simply is… The Translation: CJB Complete Jewish Bible (hereafter called CJB) is a very interesting version. I will not call it a translation, because Dr. Stern, the “translator” does not and goes so far as to admit that, at least the Old Testament, is a cross between a paraphrase and a translation (see page xiv of the Introduction to CJB). I am not sure what  you would call it; I call it somewhat problematic at the least; if it is a translation, lets make it clear, if a paraphrase let’s make that clear too. CJB is most definitely not a formal equivalence translation by any stretch of the imagination. That is not, per se, a negative. Dynamic Equivalence and Paraphrases both have a well deserved place in any student’s library because they help you to gather a better overall sense of what is being communicated. There are some problems with CJB one or two of which are quite glaring. Lets look at...

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Bibles of 2012

2012 saw a lot of amazing Bibles and we reviewed a few of them here at Bible Buying Guide. Here’s a quick look at the 2012 releases and links to our reviews: We started the year with the Cambridge Concord in calf-split leather, a fine specimen of Bible craftsmanship. This is a new cover for the original Concord. It’s much stiffer than calfskin and has a nice pebbly grain. It is a nice size and has a bold 8-point font. The red-letter is sharp and bold. The paper is very nice and opaque. The Concord has a great set of study tools with a glossary and dictionary, making the Concord a fine study and reading Bible.   Hendrickson released the AW Tozer Bible that included over 500 selections from 40 volumes of writings from 20th century writer AW Tozer. Tozer’s writings are presented in three categories called On Scripture, Reflections, and Challenges. The AW Tozer Bible can be used as a study Bible and devotional Bible.   New Leaf Press released the Henry Morris Study Bible, a large print study Bible with the focus on young earth creationism from the writings of Henry Morris. It includes commentary with a focus on creation and 22 appendixes that cover creation, science, the flood, the Bible, and more.   One of our most popular reviews was the Cambridge Clarion ESV. It follows the layout design of...

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