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Waterproof Bible Jacket from BMP

Waterproof Bible Jacket from BMP 001

Barden and Marsee’s Waterproof Bible is an amazing feat of engineering at a surprisingly low price. To me it looks like a paperback Bible. It looks nice, but if you want it to look more like a traditional Bible with a leather cover you can get their Waterproof Bible Jacket. It’s available in both black and burgundy. My review jacket is burgundy.

It’s synthetic leather and it feels soft to the touch. And of course it’s waterproof. It’s stitched around the perimeter and has open sleeves on the inside where the Bible cover will slip in. One thing I do recommend is if you get it wet on the inside (not just the outside cover) take the Bible out and let both dry. The burgundy is deep and rich and has a textured look to it. This looks far better than if it were just a solid color. I love the look and feel. It doesn’t feel too thin or cheap. It’s a perfect fit (shown here with my new NKJV in camouflage). You can even have your group name or logo imprinted on the jacket, though there is an extra fee and minimum order.

If you want your Waterproof Bible to have a leather look and feel, the Waterproof Jacket is a no-brainer at $19.95. I wish they made this cover available for other hardcover Bibles.




BMP provided this Bible jacket free for review. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.

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