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Our Trip to the Ark Encounter – Part 1

The Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY is a life-size replica of Noah’s ark based on the description given in the Bible and on historical facts of ship-building. It’s huge at 510 ft long, 85 ft wide, and 51 ft high.

We went to the ribbon-cutting ceremony and got to go inside. There are lots of props including animals, tools, living quarters, etc. There are also lots of educational areas that talk about the cultures, flood legends, animals (including dinosaurs on the ark), geology and the flood, and lots more.

The first floor shows how the animals could have been held in cages that were designed to feed and care for them easily. The second floor also has animals and includes information about the people and culture of the day. The third floor includes scientific information about the flood including the ice age, fossils, etc. It also includes a display for the Museum of the Bible.

Here are a few photos of the interior.


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