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I’ve used a Thompson Chain Reference for many years. This Bible is primarily a topical Bible.

It contains over 7000 topics that are chain referenced throughout the Bible. The margin contains the topics in each verse with a reference to the next verse in the chain. In the back is a topical index that gives you a number for each topic. Turning to the number in the back gives you all of the verses that Thompson lists for each topic. It also contains character studies, archaeology, etc., and one of the best concordances in any Bible available.

Thompson is widely used because it doesn’t contain any notes or commentary, allowing scripture to interpret scripture. It’s not 100% thorough in its topics (you won’t find the Rapture, or even much on the Millennium), but it’s still the best I’ve seen.

One thing I really like is that most of the time, when I go to write a topic in the margin it’s already there. For example, in Acts 2:38, I would write repentance, baptism in Jesus name, and filled with the Spirit. All three topics are already there. The Thompson Chain Reference Bible is available in several translations, sizes, and bindings.

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  1. Alexander thomson

    1. I grow fonder and fonder of the TCR! My main wish is that we could have it in a10 or 12 or 14 font!

    2. Does the [Wilmore’s, etc.] Analytical Bible equal the TCR?

    3. What about the Manser/McGrath Hodder Dictionary of Bible Themes (or the Zondervan US equivalent)?

    4. Or Collin’s Thesaurus of the Bible?

    The fact that 2 and 3 and 4 are out of print leads me to believe that topical or thematic Bible study is not being pursued as much as it ought.

    Of course, we need also a full textual cross-reference system, such as in the TBS Westminster Bible. Could not Kirkbride publish such in its Bibles?

    In fact, now that Kirkbride is rethinking its program(me), could not consider something like the following columnar system, to cater for several translations?

    verse no. key word(s) in selected translation(s) topical/thematic reference no. textual cross-reference

    Do you have Kirkbride’s ear, Randy?


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