The Life of Paul Bible Study is part of the Rose Visual Bible Studies series. It includes 6 lessons with full-color visuals that include, photos,  charts, maps, and a timeline. This is a handy guide that’s designed for both personal and group study. Here’s a look at each of the sections within the lessons and my thoughts on using it.

Chapter (Lesson) Introduction

This includes a title page with a title over a photo, a short description, and the references this chapter will cover, and a one-page introduction to the reading. It looks interesting and makes me want to read it.

Read It

This shows the key passage to read. It provides the reference so you can read it in any translation you prefer. It also includes an optional reading. This might be 1-3 passages. It tells what the optional reading is about and describes the benefits of reading it. It prints the key verse at the bottom of the page with a graphic with a photo.

Know It

This is a list of questions to answer about the main reading. They’re designed to make the study more inductive. It includes 3 questions and space to write your answers. Some of the questions include multiple choice answers and boxes so you can check them.

Explore It

The Explore It section is the main teaching for each chapter and it’s the largest single section within each chapter. It goes into depth for the passage the chapter covers and includes charts, photos, maps, timelines, and other Scriptures. It describes the events and provides lots of background information. Some also include archaeological information of places and artifacts. This is my favorite section. It’s even helpful for sermons and teaching.

Live It

This section includes a summary of the results from the reading and includes several other Scripture references, images, etc., with guidance for application. It lists six application questions with space to write the answers. It concludes with a prayer and what to do in the coming week. The final page for the chapter is blank and is marked for notes.

Leader’s Guide

In the back is a leader’s guide to help you teach the lessons to a small group. It covers the goal of a Bible study group, your role as leader of the group, lists some myths and truths of being a leader, lists bad reasons to be a leader (with Scriptures for each point), a few do’s, a few don’ts, how to use the guide, a table with a timeline of each lesson, group guidelines, and a page for notes. This is 15 pages and it’s an excellent chapter to help anyone leading any Bible study group.

About The Life of Paul

Each of the chapters takes us on a journey that covers the life of Paul. It shows who he was, where he was from, how he became the person we see in the New Testament, his role in the New Testament Church, and what he did on his journey to spread the Gospel. We also get insights into his teaching methods and his approach to dealing with heretics.

I especially like seeing the types of issues that Paul faced and the images and maps that show us the locations. The timelines show where and when events happened, and they work great with the maps and photos to help understand the setting.

The imagery is amazing and the book is well-written. It doesn’t include a lot of opinions about theology. Instead, it focuses on the facts around the events in Paul’s life. This makes the study guide well-suited to any denomination. I also like that it includes the leader’s guide in the back. The questions are designed to make you think about the text rather than telling you what the think, making this an inductive study. I highly recommend The Life of Paul Bible study for personal and group study.


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Photography by hannah C brown

Rose Publishing provided this study guide in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to post a positive review.