M’Cheyne Reading Plan Review

The M’Cheyne Reading Plan is a one or two year plan depending if you read two or four readings a day; and it’s included in a lot of Bibles, being probably the most popular reading plan. It takes you through the whole Bible plus the New Testament and Psalms an extra time, the four readings are in four different places.

How We Used the M’Cheyne Reading Plan

Four of us here at Bible Buying Guide used this plan: our main writer Randy, our Bible Journalist (journaler? journalinger?) Lucinda, the videographer Matthew, and me (Hannah the photographer) (our fifth member Frances doesn’t need a plan to go through the Bible in a year but I do).

We used it as a one year plan two years in a row. One of us would read one of the readings out loud while the other three read along, taking turns.

What We Thought About the M’Cheyne Reading Plan

Randy and I really liked that the readings were in four different places, so that you don’t just read something like Leviticus for months that’s really long and doesn’t say much that applies to us now (though we did our own reading as well but that’s beside this particular point).

Lucinda and Matthew felt that four at once was a bit much, though she thinks reading two in the morning and two at night or using it as a two year plan would have been better.

We all thought that seven days a week was too hard when we go to church two of those days and sometimes go places like the Ark Encounter. We always managed to catch up, which surprised us, but it sometimes wasn’t easy or very enjoyable if we had to read too much extra (like trying to catch up too often or three days at a time).

Since it’s meant for one reader instead of four some readings are disproportionality sized so we’d get something like Matthew reading two chapters of Numbers while Randy reads two small psalms.


I think it’s a pretty good reading plan, probably better if you actually use it correctly.

What do you think? Have you used the M’Cheyne reading plan? Tell us how you used it and what you think about it in the comments. 

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  1. Jeff bayard

    I just started that plan and am on Day 3…and also thank you Randy…for assisting me on picking a bible and found one that fit my needs with large enough font and also an authorized KJV. Got it for Christmas and now beginning the M’cheyne reading plan. Since that plan is not part of the AKJV I have, there is a convenient sign up.

    HERE: http://bibleplan.org/plans/mcheyne/ (check that out, has other good resources)

    and it hits my inbox each day with the 4 different reads of that day. My vision is not the best, so you have a couple of options, you can click and be directed to Bible Gateway or just open your bible to that daily reading. Sometimes I like to listen to the audio and read along in the text, so clicking on the link allows me those options on BG.

    like today one of the chapters was Genesis 2, and I am taken to https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis%202&version=akjv and I listened and read along. or will also read aloud to myself. Faith comes by HEARING plays a role and think reading aloud is good to do.

    • Randy A Brown

      Hi Jeff. This is excellent! Thanks for the links.

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