Schuyler Journal in Antique Marble Brown Review

The Schuyler Journal is a high-quality journal that was designed to be the perfect companion to your Bible. Made with high-quality materials, it’s available in Black, Antique Marble Brown, British Tan, Imperial Blue & Dark Green. Schuyler’s Bibles are also available in these same colors, creating a beautiful combo. Of course, you can use the journals with any Bible or even without a Bible. I’m reviewing the Antique Marble Brown. It’s printed and bound by Royal Jongbloed in the Netherlands.


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The cover is a natural grain goatskin. I love the color and grain of the Antique Marble Brown. The brown isn’t a solid color. It has some darker shades of brown that give it a marbled look. The grain looks and feels natural. Since it’s not a pressed grain it will have a variety of patterns within the grain. I prefer this to an embossed grain that has no variation (although I do like that style of goatskin too). The spine is rounded. It’s stiff enough to write in the journal while holding it.

It’s Smyth sewn. The liner is thick paste-down paper. It stays open really well, but it might take some use to break it in first. The size is 5.5″ x 8.5″, and 10 mm thick. This is an excellent size to use with most Bibles and to sit on a pulpit for teaching or preaching. It has white head and tail bands and a gold ribbon marker.

The paper is 70gsm and is milled in Castellón Spain. This makes the paper almost twice as thick as what you get in the Schuyler Quentel and Canterbury. The paper is coated, has a cream tint, and has no glare at all. It’s extremely opaque and smooth to the touch. I had no trouble turning the pages. The edges have hand-sprayed red under gold art-gilt. It’s been tested with a range of pens with great results. There might be a little bit of show-through, but it will be much less than most wide-margin Bibles.


It has 3 pages labeled Content to create an index for notes. They include a field for pages and a field for the topic. It also has 3 blank pages (2 in the front and one on the backside of the last Content page). The first page could be used to create a title page.

It has 234 pages for journaling. The pages for notes include 33 black lines, 6mm apart, to write your thoughts, prayers, and notes. They’re numbered in the bottom outer corner. The lines match on both sides of the page.

Ending Thoughts

The Schuyler Journal is an excellent complement to the Schuyler line of Bibles and the quality holds up to its name. I love the look and feel of the cover and the paper. I’m drawn to this creamy paper and I can’t wait to decide how I’m going to use it. I’m leaning toward using it for sermon outlines or topical lists for teaching. Either way, it would be great for carrying with a Bible to Church.

This is an expensive journal, so it isn’t something that I’d recommend for just any type of notes. This is for the type of notes you want to keep for many years. It’s great for Bible notes, preaching or teaching notes, sermon outlines, as a prayer journal, writing Scriptures by hand, etc. The Schuyler Journal would be a great way to write notes on Scripture. You could use a journal instead of a wide-margin Bible. One advantage in using a journal for your notes is you’re not limited on the amount of space per verse. You’re also not limited to using just one Bible.

The high-quality construction and materials make this a great journal for those who are serious about journaling. If you’re interested in a high-end journal for your Scripture journaling needs, the Schuyler line of journals is easy to recommend.


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Do you have a Schuyler Journal or something similar? What’s your favorite way to use it? 

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