ROUNDz Stamps – Bible Set from Mason Row

On my most recent trip to Hobby Lobby I found this neat little set of Bible stamps called ROUNDz. Made by Mason Row it is a set of 8 stamps of Bible related images. The stamps are made of wood and rubber and are approximately 3 inches long  and 1/2 inch in diameter. They have slightly flattened the bottom edge to aid in keeping them oriented correctly and to stop them from rolling away. You can see the stamped images are small (the widest is 3/8 of an inch, and the tallest a little under 1/2 an inch).

ROUNDz Stamps Bible Set

These could be used for any number of things, such as card making, stamping completed (Sunday school) papers, tracking attendance or verses memorized, kids art projects, and more. The two projects I’m most likely to use them for are Bible marking and journaling.

I’ve liked the idea of using images in the margins of my Bible to help me quickly find verses on favorite topics for awhile. I’ve never started the project though because I had a hard time figuring out what images I could use that would be easily recognizable and wouldn’t take too long to draw.With stamps like these your images would be more consistent and quicker to do (you will have to be patient while the ink dries though). I particularly like the dove and hands stamps because those are the two I would have the hardest time drawing neatly myself.

ROUNDz Stamps Bible Set 2

For a project like this each person would want to figure out which symbols and topics to line up based on what each image makes them think of and their main topics of study. You could even use multiple colors for each stamp to break up a larger topics into more specific ones (a different color leaf for each of the fruits of the Spirit for example) or to use the same image for more then one topic. Here are the first few topics my family thought of for each:

  • Crown – God, God as King, Kings or History
  • Cross – Incarnation, Salvation, Messianic Prophecies
  • Dove – God’s Spirit, Spirit Baptism, Peace
  • Flame – Spirit Baptism, The Word of God,
  • Hands – Prayer, Praise
  • Heart – Love, Holiness
  • Leaf – Fruits of the Spirit, Growing in God
  • Present – Gifts of the Spirit, Promises (or Gifts) of God, The Nativity

ROUNDz Stamps Bible Set 3

These can also be used as elements in a journaling project. This is a wonderful promise from God that the dove and heart stamp were just perfect for.

Mason Row currently makes two other sets of ROUNDz, a Teen set and a Planner set. I’d love to have a couple of the stamps from each to use for Bible marking (music notes, heart shaped lock, peace symbol from Teen; banner and star from Planner) but some of the others, while really useful for there intended purpose, would  be harder to make Bible relevant (cell phone, bill due).

Mason Row specializes in Personalized Stamps and Embossers. Most of their products are geared toward correspondence but they do have a small (but growing) line of products for crafts. Besides the ROUNDz and ink pads one product that looks interesting to me is their PEGz; 1/4″ high individual letter stamps that can be clicked together horizontally or vertically to create words and phrases.

What other projects would you use these for? Which stamp is your favorite? Which will be most useful? Do you have ideas for other topics these could be used for? If they make more – what other Bible symbols would you like or what other type of set would you want? Let us know in the comments.

After learning of our interest in their products Mason Row contacted us with a generous offer. Any of our readers who purchase directly from can get a 20% discount on ALL products by using the promo code – BBG16.

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