Your Bible; it says a lot about you. Notes in the margins tell the story of how God has spoken to you over the years. Highlights and underlines point out words and verses that speak to you the most. Maybe the pages are dog eared and the cover is coming apart at the spine. Spurgeon said that a Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t. But what has that got to do with a review of a Bible? Everything…

Most people have only one Bible that they use on a daily basis. It is an uncommon event for them to purchase a new one. The entire purpose of this site is to help you, the reader beloved by the Father, choose your new Bible. I would like to share with you why I think the NASB Side Column Reference Wide Margin Bible should be your next Bible.

First, translation choice. There is perhaps no choice more important that which English translation that you use. New American Standard Bible is absolutely uncontested as the most literal translation that you can invest your resources in. It is endorsed by and often times used by some of the most well known ministers today, including but not limited to Drs. Stanley, MacArthur, Sproul, Swindoll, Lawson and many others and it is always my first choice. You can read most translations for devotions but for in-depth study or lesson preparation, you definitely want a word for word translation and nothing comes close to NASB for literalness.

Second, there are three choices of cover for this Bible, Leathertex (a very convincing imitation), Genuine Leather (usually pigskin) and Genuine Calfskin, the version which I will be reviewing today.

Third, the margins. I love wide margin bibles, as does Randy and the margins, here, call out to be written in. They are 1-inch wide and while I have seen as large as 1.2 in times past, this seems to be the standard size. Every page has these luxurious margins for your notes and personal cross references. In fact, it is this feature alone that makes this your personal bible. No one else will ever put the same content into their Bible.

Fourth, Notes and References. 95,000 cross references. Pause a minute and let that sink in…even my Thompson Chain, which I dearly love, does not come close. 95, 000 references guide you through every possibility of Scripture interpreting Scripture. Accompanying the references are translators notes, showing alternate translations as well as what variant Greek manuscripts may or may not have in the text.

Speaking of text, that is the fifth reason why the Side Column Reference Bible, Wide Margin deserves to be your next Bible. It is vibrant black text in what I estimate to be either 10 or 11-point. The text is quite easy to see, even in direct light. Some will be sad that this is not a red letter edition; I am not. Red letter editions are nice but they can be hard to see when behind a lectern.

Sixthly, the leather. It is buttery soft and the smoothest I have ever touched. It lies flat no matter where it is opened and it is sufficiently limp to lie over the open palm without discomfort.

The paper surprised me; it is rather thin for a Bible so obviously intended to be written in. I have not written in yet but I am almost certain that there will be, at the very least, ghosting even with a ballpoint pen. I leave it up to you if you will use a liquid highlighter; I definitely will not. There is a crayon like alternative found at most Christian booksellers that will do nicely. You will still get your highlight but without the pesky bleed through.

If you only have one Bible, be sure this one is it. Study Bibles are very nice and quite useful, however, they can easily keep you from doing your own in-depth study. This Bible however, gives you the tools you need but allows you to discover the Bible’s riches on your own.


Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781581351606
  • Publisher: Foundation Publications
  • Publication date: 12/28/2013
  • Format: Leather (Calfskin) Bound
  • Pages: 1841
  •  IMG_20140705_122028438 IMG_20140705_122049099 IMG_20140705_122114426 IMG_20140705_122132314 IMG_20140705_122211476 IMG_20140705_122253840 IMG_20140705_122324055 IMG_20140705_122430194 IMG_20140705_122433811 IMG_20140705_122613519
  • Product dimensions: 7.30 (w) x 10.10 (h) x 1.90 (d)

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