I recently reviewed Miklal Software Solutions Strong’s Greek Dictionary of the Bible for Kindle, and I must say the Hebrew dictionary is just as impressive. Like their Strong’s Greek Dictionary, Miklal Software Solutions Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary of the Bible is also available for nook.

I’ve always said that Strong’s dictionaries are must-have tools for Bible study. Miklal Software Solutions offers Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary, a perfect complement to their Strong’s Greek Dictionary, providing yet another must-have tool in e-book format.

Navigation is among the best on Kindle. Rather than being read in sequence, reference works such as this have a challenge in making navigation simple enough to make it useful. Like their Strong’s Greek Dictionary, Miklal Software Solutions delivers again with their simple but powerful navigation system. The first is a table of contents that provides the Hebrew alphabet and the Strong’s numbers for each letter. Selecting the letter provides the next level of screens, which provides two letters and the Strong’s numbers related to those numbers. Another type of navigation is done through hyperlinks within the text. If you know the Strong’s number you’re looking for, simply type the letter ‘h’ and the Strong’s number. This will take you directly to the definition you want. You can also search for the transliterated word (ex: Elohim). Quick and easy.

Miklal Software Solutions has done an excellent job in developing Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary of the Bible for Kindle. It is easy to navigate and the Hebrew text looks great. I recommend Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary of the Bible for Kindle even if you don’t have a Kindle, because it works great on the Kindle app. Along with MSS’s Strong’s Greek Dictionary, it’s another must-own app for your Bible study needs.

Miklal Software Solutions provided this review copy for free. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.