Logos Deals for May 2023

The Logos 10 May deals are live. In this post, we’ll look at some of the highlights of the sale. This post contains affiliate links.

Logos 10 Base Package Sale

The Logos 10 Base Package is on sale for up to 25% off.

Here’s the description:

  • automatically translate a section of text into 100+ languages
  • help you explore global church history with exclusive tools and resources
  • reimagine and simplify searching your library—including your print books (you read that right!)
  • And so much more

If this is your time upgrading or purchasing a Logos 10 package, you’ll get an extra 5% off your purchase. That’s up to 30% off your Logos 10 package.

Free Book: Five Models of Scripture

Get Five Models of Scripture by Mark Reasoner. Here’s the description:

Mark Reasoner will broaden your perspective of scriptural engagement by describing 5 models of Scripture: documents, stories, prayers, laws, and oracles. It will “help readers grow in their love for Scripture in ways that will help them plant this love in those they minister.”

This month’s free book, as well as 13 other titles on sale through May 31, provide illuminating help on how to read Scripture more deeply and clearly.

Shop recent Eerdmans titles like:

  • Where Your Treasure Is: Psalms That Summon You from Self to Community, only $1.99
  • Or The True Image: The Origin and Destiny of Man in Christ, only $6.99

Plus, get started with the free version of the Logos Bible app, which gives you insights from across all of Scripture—and a collection of key biblical resources.

Don’t miss your chance to get this resource for FREE. Plus pick up resources and commentaries on books like Joshua and Judges, topics like Gentile Christian Identity, and more, starting at $1.99.

Publisher Spotlight: Lexham Press

Here’s the description:

This month, save big on top collections and bundles from Lexham Press, with discounts up to 40% off! Lexham is committed to publishing titles that draw from Christian tradition and the global church, and you don’t want to miss out on bundles around original languages, preaching & teaching, historical theology and many more topics!

Here’s just a few of the titles:

  • 40% off—Lexham Press Original Languages Suite
  • 33% off—The Essential Lexham Dictionary of Church History
  • 33% off—Studies in Historical and Systematic Theology (SHST) (25 vols.)
  • 33% off—Christian Essentials Series (4 vols.)
  • 33% off—Lexham Press Historical Theology Bundle (50 vols.)

Logos 10 Review

For more information about Logos 10, see our Logos 10 review.

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