At CPE we got to do an interview with Brian Sanders, author of  Leadership Endurance.

ISBN 9781946466624  (This post contains some affiliate links.)

Many other books show you how to become a leader Leadership Endurance shows you how to keep going once you get there. We are all human with flaws and failures but we don’t have to stop when things (including ourselves) go wrong.

Brian uses Biblical principles and examples from 4 well-known leaders in history as well as his own life to show us how to press through things like loneliness and self-doubt that make us want to quit.

Leadership Endurance is published by Certa Publishing and has a list price of $15.95. You can purchase this book online at Amazon or at many local Bible stores and regular bookstores.

Visit to find out more about Brian and his book. You can learn about his speaking engagements, read his blogs or watch a vlog, or even find out how to get a discount on a bulk order of his book.