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The Museum of the Bible opens in November 2017, and to help raise awareness they’ve produced a high-quality (and big budget) video about the impact of the Bible through history called Experience the Book. This video is nothing short of epic. It highlights 12 events in history that were so influential that they changed the world forever.

The 12 events are:

  1. Manuscript copyist escaping from the Romans in Canaan and hiding scrolls in Qumran
  2. The Gutenberg Press and printing the Bible
  3. Martin Luther nailing the 95 theses on the door at Wittenburg
  4. Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel
  5. Galileo
  6. The Mayflower and a family reading the Bible
  7. The Revolutionary War and the signing of the Declaration of Independence
  8. Abraham Lincoln reading the Bible
  9. Civil War with a pocket Bible saving the life of a soldier
  10. Freeing the slaves
  11. Martin Luther King
  12. A visitor of the Museum of the Bible seeing this history

It’s easy to see the impact these 12 events had on world history. Remove any one of them and our world would be much different. I would have loved to see William Tyndale translating the Greek into English, but all of the translations are implied with the Gutenberg Press and you can’t include everything. What they did include was enough to tell the story, and it tells the story well.

You can watch the Experience the Book video here:

For more information about the video (including some behind the scenes photos and information about Experience the Book), plan your visit to the museum, and to enter to win a trip, visit Museum of the Bible.

For more information about the global impact of the Bible, see our Global Impact Bible Review, which covers the newly released study Bible from Worthy Press under the Museum of the Bible imprint. That Bible alone shows the impact the Bible has had on our society,including many things most of us never realized.

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