Miklal Software Solutions’ Hebrew/English Parallel Bible for nook is a well-formatted and easy to navigate parallel Bible for nook. It contains the Leningrad Codex Hebrew text and the Jewish Publication Society’s 1917 English translation.

Each verse is presented in Hebrew (or Aramaic) and then English is printed directly under it, creating the Hebrew/English parallel. The Hebrew text looks great. It reads from right to left and includes all of the consonants, vowels, and marks. The English text looks and reads well.

Navigation is excellent. Aside from the standard nook navigation, you can navigate directly to a verse by typing the abbreviation for the verse, followed by the chapter number, a space, and then the verse number in the Find box. For example, to navigate to Psalms 119:105 you would type:

ps 119 105

In the current version this only works while moving forward. In order to get around this, simply go to an earlier book and then type your search.

Like all Miklal Software Solutions products, the Hebrew/English Parallel Bible for nook is an excellent value. The text looks great and navigation is easy. This is a good addition to the library of anyone that is interested in the Hebrew Scriptures. I recommend Hebrew English Parallel Bible from Miklal Software Solutions.



Miklal Software Solutions provided this review copy for free. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.