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New gloBIBLE coming Summer 2016

iPhonesGloBible recently went to Kickstarter for a new project to improve the glo Bible app. That project was funded and the all new GloBible is scheduled for release this summer.

I’ve used the Glo app on PC for several years and I’m still impressed with how clean it looks. I love reading the Bible without any distractions. Unfortunately most Bible apps include reference and footnote keys within the text. These are great for study but they hinder readability. Glo doesn’t have them. I appreciate that. This makes Glo one of my favorite Bible reading apps.

Glo still has notes though. To see them simply tap the verse itself. You are shown media and study resources that are linked to that verse. Notes include sermons, commentaries, images, maps, virtual tours, and videos.

One thing that has always saddened me though is it wasn’t available for Android. That will change this summer 🙂 The current development focus is iOS, Android, and web. It has been re-imagined for mobile-first.

You can read more at their website and signup for an early beta.

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