The G JGOO Bible Cover is an inexpensive and durable Bible case that’s great for everyday use. It’s also great for carrying other small items, such as a tablet. In this post, I’ll take a close look at this Bible case to help you decide if it’s the right case for your needs.

G JGOO provided this Bible cover in exchange for an honest review. 

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Bible Cover


The G JGOO Bible Cover is made from polyester canvas. It’s water-resistant and it’s easy to clean. It feels durable. The front and back have a thick padding. The zipper is a tough plastic with two metal pulls. The zipper also seems to be durable. It has a nylon handle to make it easy to carry. There are lots of pockets inside and one zippered pocket on the outside. The overall size is 11 x 8 x 2.3 inches. It will fit a standard-size Bible, an 11-inch tablet, etc. I had no trouble fitting a regular-size Schuyler Quentel or Thompson Chain Reference Bible.

There are two slip pockets on the inside. These are good for papers, journals, pamphlets, etc. It doesn’t open in the middle. Instead, it has a top that’s more like a lid. This means it doesn’t allow for the Bible’s cover to slide into the pockets. This is safer for the Bible cover and it’s the method that I prefer. The pocket on the left has another pocket on its front, which is also great for papers, journals, etc.

It also includes two pen holders, one on the left and one on the right, and an elastic strap on the right. The product page on Amazon shows this holding the Bible open to a certain page. It does work for this, but it could make your Bible sit awkwardly. Also, it works better for personal-size Bibles. The Thompson was a little too large. It’s helpful if you have a personal-sized Bible that won’t stay open. You’d need to flip the cover around to hold a page open in the front of the Bible, but it does work.

Bible Tabs

The G JGOO Bible Cover includes 75-piece Bible tabs. It has a tab for each book of the Bible and 9 blank tabs that you can use for anything. They have a waxy-coated feel and are glossy. The backgrounds are multi-colored in light earth tones. Some of the text is white and some is black. I think they’ve chosen the text color based on the background color, but it’s hard to say for sure. The text is giant print and the colors are easy to read. The tabs are large, so they’ll only work well with large Bibles. I haven’t tried them myself, but they look interesting. 

Video Review


The G JGOO Bible Cover surprised me. I didn’t expect this level of quality for this low price. It looks and feels durable. I like that it’s water-resistant and easy to clean. It had no trouble holding my Thompson and the extra padding on the front and back provides a good amount of protection. It includes a set of Bible tabs, but it’s easily worth its money without them. If you’re looking for an inexpensive Bible case, the G JGOO Bible Cover is a great choice.

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