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My Favorite KJV Verses to Color Review

I was recently sent a copy of a lovely coloring book made by Christian Art Publishers called My Favorie KJV Verses to Color. It has 62 illustrated verses from both the Old and New Testaments on thick white paper. Each one is on its own perforated page making it easy to tear out and frame or give away. I like that they have left the backs of each picture blank. It always seems to me that perforations and blank backs go together. If I’m going to frame a page or make one part of a letter or gift I like being able to pick a single picture to include and the space to write on the back when appropriate. ISBN: 978-1-4321-1598-2

Christian Art Publishers provided this book free. I was not required to give a positive review, only an honest one. All opinions are my own. Most links on this page are affiliate links.

Most of the pictures are like this one with the verse lettered in the middle of the page with a drawing around it (though not all have a box around the verse). The selection of verses is mostly inspirational but all are good for meditating on as you color.

A handful of the scriptures are more integrated into the illustration like this longer passage from Matthew. Flowers are the most common style of illustrations with geometric patterns being the second most common and a couple of other themes present (ocean, birds, hearts). I Would consider the majority of the artwork medium difficulty for coloring, none that are all large areas or all little tiny areas to color.

Colored pencils are a favorite for coloring books and of course work well. My daughter is currently coloring this one with her Sargent Art colored pencils.

Gel pens are the second most common medium for adult coloring books and this page of gears seemed a perfect fit for the metallic inks in my Veritas metallic & glitter gel pen set. (the center of the picture is done with a different set of gel pens because I wanted black)

The verse portion of this page was done with the Veritas gel pens also but I wanted to use at least one wetter medium to see how well the paper would react. The flowers on this page are done using Derwent Inktense pencils that have been activated using a paintbrush and water. I love how vibrant the colors get when activated and how easy they are to blend. The lighter blue flower in the bottom right corner hasn’t been activated yet to give you an idea of how the Inktense looks dry. There is no bleed-through or show through even in the spots where I used a touch too much water. The page did get slightly wavy when it got wet but it is minimal enough to have almost completely pressed out after just a couple of days.

My mother has the book on the right. It’s exactly the same interior with a different cover (and ISBN 978-1-4321-1685-9) so you can look for either one while shopping. I have to admit to liking the cover on the left with the gold foil flowers slightly better.

The My Favorite KJV Verses to Color is a very nice coloring book that will make a great gift for anyone who likes coloring and the King James translation of the Bible (including yourself)


This book is available at

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Photography by hannah C brown


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