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ESV Women’s Devotional Bible from Crossway – Review

ESV Women’s Devotional Bible Crossway (17)

There will always be a need for devotional Bibles that are targeted to a specific audience. One such Bible is Crossway’s ESV Women’s Devotional Bible. There are many different types of devotional Bibles. Some are focused on daily devotions, and they’re not much use as a regular Bible. Others have devotional articles placed throughout the text.

This one from Crossway is one of those with articles throughout the text. This make for a better choice because it can be used as a carry and reading Bible. Like many Crossway study Bibles, this also has the benefit of an online edition. An access code to the online edition comes with it.

My wife has been using this Bible and I’m using some of her feedback for this review.

This edition is cloth over board. The hardcover matches the recent Reader’s Edition. It’s very nice and elegant. It has white branches and leaves over an oatmeal-colored background. The spine is taupe. It’s section-sewn and lays open anywhere you want it to. There is a light-cream ribbon that matches the cover.

Each book has a one-page introduction that covers the background, key theme, summary, and key verse.

The text is presented in two-column, paragraph format with an 8.5-point font. The printing is black letter and is sharp and consistent throughout. The paper is the same as the Reader’s Edition. It is thicker than most Bibles and is opaque. Most of the text is line-matched, but some is not. Is doesn’t affect the readability. Footnotes are located in the footer and are keyed to the text with numbers. They cover weights, measures, Greek and Hebrew explanations, and parallel passages.

Green is used to highlight almost everything throughout the Bible. Section headings are printed in a light green with an even lighter green highlight behind them. Book names and devotional titles are also green. Devotionals have a darker green border around them. Green tree and leaf graphics are used as highlighting throughout the Bible.

There are 365 devotionals, making this a great choice for a daily devotional Bible. The devotionals are a page in length and focus on a key verse. They give a lesson from the text and an application. At the end of each one is the page number for the next one.

There are 52 character profiles. The profiles are about a paragraph long and cover key points about their character and events in their lives.

There are 16 articles in the back that teach about issues that women face. They include Bible study, eating disorders, emotional health, praying from the Psalms, evangelism, and being a Godly wife among others. The articles are 2-4 pages in length. They are well-written and insightful.

There is a dictionary of key terms. Most of the terms are doctrinal focused. For doctrinal points I recommend you to do your own study (as always). There is an index to all of the devotionals, and an index to all of the character profiles.

This devotional Bible is different than most. It has lots of articles with insights and application. There is a lot in this little Bible without it feeling weighted down and becoming distracting. It feels like a devotional Bible, but it also feels like a regular Bible and can easily be used for daily reading and carry.



Crossway provided this Bible free for review. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.

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