Debunking Evolution, What Every Christian Student Should Know, is a 100 minute DVD from Kyle Justice and Pat Roy. It’s aimed at students from junior high to college level. It includes 12 segments where two students, John and Jane, study science. As they study, they ask questions to each other and the other teaches what they’ve learned. The segments go back and forth as to which is asking and which is teaching.

They cover what the text books say, show how they vastly contradict each other (even if they were published in the same year), show how they contradict known scientific laws, show real-world observations, and show how those observations are backed up in Scripture and support Creation. Each segment has a situation that applies to the science they’re studying.

Individual Segments

The segments average just under 10 minutes each. They use lots of images, graphics, quotes from science books and journals, and lots more. Here are the 12 segments:

  1. Human Evolution
  2. Adaptation
  3. Natural Selection
  4. Common Ancestors, Branching
  5. Vestigial Structures
  6. Fossils
  7. Radiometric Dating
  8. Uniformitarianism
  9. Whale Evolution
  10. Homologous Structures
  11. Extinct Species
  12. Why Does it Matter?

Each segment starts with Jane asking the question “Is it just me, or…” and then asks a question based on that segment. At the end of each segment she looks at the camera and asked “Kind of makes you think, huh?” They really do make you think.

6 Lesson Plans

These lessons use the individual segments and place them within specific topics. The lessons are:

  1. Why is Creation-Evolution Training Important?
  2. Bible History – Real of Fiction?
  3. Human Evolution: Did Humans Evolve From Ape-Like Creatures?
  4. Creation-Evolution 101: Adaptation and Natural Selection
  5. Creation-Evolution 102: Common Ancestors/Branching and Homology
  6. Creation-Evolution 201: Fossils, Whales, and Extension

Book and Study Guide

The DVD includes a book and study guide in PDF format that you can access by using the disc on your computer. The book is 357 pages and was edited by Daniel A. Biddle, PhD. It covers the material in the video, but it’s not a transcript of the video. It goes into a lot more detail and provides lots of charts, tables, images, resources, end-notes, and includes Biddle’s testimony.

The student guide is 99 pages and instructs the student to watch a video segment, answer fill-in-the-blank questions, and then it provides a summary of that segment. Some of the sections include articles, Scripture, or application. Links to resources for further study are also included.


It’s fun watching John and Jane study and discuss the points. Lucinda and I both actually laughed out loud a time or two and the sequence with Jane throwing the cell phone was so hilarious that I had to watch it twice. The DVD also includes bloopers, which I always appreciate. The points they make are solid and are based on scientific observation. I recommend Debunking Evolution, What Every Christian Student Should Know to any student, not just junior high to college, because the information is needed and it’s presented well.


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I received this DVD free from Awesome Science Media. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.