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Dayspring’s Created, Called, Crowned Collection

I recently received 4 items from Dayspring’s Created, Called, & Crowned collection. This gift collection uses Esther 4:14 as the inspiration for is name and is mostly bright pink and white with accents of mint and orange. The 4 items I have are:

The Standard Mug. It has the same wording on both sides, holds approximately 12 ounces (15 if you fill it completely to the brim), and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

My family likes to have a couple different cups each that every one knows is “ours”. This mugs handle does not get hot when microwaved and will be nice to alternate with my only other mug (a Noah’s Ark mug I got as a souvenir from the Creation Museum) for my 2 or 3 (or more) cups of hot tea a day.

Style & Grace Perpetual Calendar.  A reusable stand up calendar with an inspirational quote or scripture for each day (including February 29th).

I like the idea of perpetual calendars as gifts especially for people you don’t get to see everyday. If you choose well it’s a daily smile for the recipient that they can start using at any time and either trade out for a new one at the end of a year or continue to use. This one is about 2/3 scriptures and 1/3 inspirational quotes and sayings. The scriptures are taken from The Living Bible which would not be my choice for study but works fine as inspirational sayings. The theme is Style & Grace so a (very) few of the quotes might not work as well for those who aren’t at least a little “style” minded. It would make a lovely gift for the right person though.

The 3 Tiered Memo & Pen Set. 3 square note pads, 4 1/2″, 5 1/2″ & 6 1/2″ with a pretty pink and white pen that has black ink. The smallest pad is a 60 sheet sticky note pad while the other two are 120 sheets each of regular note paper.

I admit that since many of my friends and family have unlimited texting and I’ve found a good “to do list” app for my tablet I don’t use note pads anywhere near as often as I use to. Still there are some people (like my mom) that prefer pen and paper for almost everything and times when paper is more convenient (or even necessary) for even the most digitally minded of us.  The pen that came with this set has a fine tip. It worked perfectly (no shaking or scribbling required) the first time I tried it and has continued to work well. Unless I end up giving the entire set to my Mom I’ll use the sticky notes for writing out and posting my current Bible memory verses and the other note pads for rough sketches of journaling projects, practicing my hand lettering, or for notes I stick in greeting cards.

and a This is the Moment Journal. An 192 page journal  with a lay-flat binding.  The pages are lined and there is 1 of 8 rotating inspirational passages on each 2 page spread (3 completely on the left page, 3 completely on the right, and 2 that span both)

Even in the digital age I adore journals. I have several and am frequently having to buy additional ones as I fill them up. I use one for taking notes in Sunday School and at church services, one for my daily scripture writing, one for writing down ideas for Bible journaling (and practicing drawing, lettering and with art mediums), one as an idea book for other craft and home projects, and one for getting my thoughts and prayers down when I’m feeling more like writing then typing. This is a nice journal that really does lay flat (except for the very first and last page) with no effort. The paper is thicker that what you’d find in most Bibles and seems typical for most journals. I experimented just a little with my art supplies (see below) and had mostly good results. Paint (both craft acrylics and activated watercolor pencil) noticeably wrinkled the paper but didn’t bleed or show through. Light stamp ink and regular ink pens (and of course pencils) also didn’t show or bleed through. The darker stamp ink, gel pen, and calligraphy marker showed through a little but didn’t bleed. The only bleed through was from a cheap scented red kids marker (heart at the bottom). Of course your results may vary depending on brand and how heavily you work a certain area of the page (I’m slowly learning to be lighter handed). This one will be my replacement as I finish my scripture writing journal.

If you’re looking for something similiar to one of these or a little something more to add to one of these the Created, Called, Crowned Collection also includes a Desk Pad for making To Do, To Pray For, & To Connect With lists; an inspirational magnet set with 5 pink magnets; a correspondence card set with 10 cards each of 5 different designs and 50 coordinating envelopes in a handy desk box; and even a matching gift bag. Dayspring also sells gift sets that includes 2 or more pieces of this collection (including one that has a couple of Illustrated Faith goodies).

Dayspring is currently featuring these item’s in their Mother’s Day collection but I think they would also make good birthday or thinking of you gifts.

If you do decide to purchase from Dayspring always check our sidebar ads (Dayspring is usually near the top) for any current sales notifications or discount codes.


Photography by hannah C brown

Dayspring provided these items free for review. I was not required to give a positive review – only an honest one. All opinions are my own.

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