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Coming Soon – The Word of God NKJV by Humble Lamb

Coming soon from Humble Lamb is a premium edition of the NKJV. It was designed by Humble Lamb, typeset by Scribe Inc, and produced by Royal Jongbloed. It’s a reference edition in single column paragraph with references in the outer margin next to the verse they correspond to and footnotes in the footer. This is a red-letter edition with references and chapter numbers also in red.

It was designed using the Golden Ratio and looks fantastic with 45-75 characters per line. “The Word of God” includes the artwork of Gustave Dore on appropriate pages.

The Word of God NKJV by Humble Lamb looks to be an interesting design that’s highly readable and usable. You can sign up for their newsletter and learn more about this edition and its release date at the publisher’s website

Images were supplied by Humble Lamb.

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