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Coming Soon – Cambridge NIV Pitt Minion Reference Bible

Cambridge KJV Pitt Minion Bible bible buying guide

Cambridge KJV Pitt Minion Bible bible buying guide

Coming in January 2014 is the Cambridge 2011 edition NIV Pitt Minion. It will be available in black or brown goatskin, and black calf-split. The photo shown is the 2nd edition KJV Pitt Minion as an example of black goatskin. Here’s the info from Baker Publishing:

NIV Pitt Minion Reference


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Randy A Brown

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. norm

    I guess Cambridge has decided to release the 2011 NIV. I assume since the same layout is used in the Pitt and the Wide Margin it shouldn’t be too long before Cambridge releases a Wide Margin in NIV as well. Although, I would prefer too see Cambridge release a Concord edition in all the different English translations like the Pitt Minion. What do you think the chances are of that ever occurring. I think if Cambridge would eventually release all the different translations in an edition like the Concord, that edition in paragraph form would be difficult to improve upon and it would also be a top seller for Cambridge.
    Thanks for the update.
    Eventually, I would also like to see a review of the Books of the Bible by Zondervan?

    • Randy Brown

      A Concord-style edition of the other translations is a great idea. I’ll pass that along. Their primary focus is the Clarion, but you never know. I’ll check into the Books of the Bible by Zondervan.

  2. Charles Jackson

    Hello Mr. Brown. Are you familiar with LCBP’s Compact Wide Margin? If so, how would you say the text size of the Pitt Minion is in comparison to it?

    • Randy Brown

      Hi Charles. I have the LCBP Compact Wide Margin in vinyl. The Pitt Minion text (6.75 font) is smaller and not as bold. For me the LCBP is a lot easier read. It’s at least a 7 point, and possibly larger, but not much larger.

    • Charles Jackson

      Thanks a lot. That helps in my decision for what I want to purchase for functionality. I love LCBP, but I have taken a liking to goatskin lately. I WISH LCBP would offer an edition in goatskin. I think their binding is magnificent and the prices are phenomenal.

  3. David C

    Hi Randy,
    Do you know if Cambridge/Baker will be releasing a black letter version of the NIV Pitt Minion soon? What is the usual lag time for Cambridge?

    • Randy Brown

      Hi David. I haven’t heard if they’re making a black-letter edition. I’ll see what I can find out. The lag time varies. I’ve seen them release at the same time and a few days apart. The only time I’ve seen it take a while is if they sell more copies than they anticipated.

  4. David C

    Thanks Randy. Let us know what you hear!

  5. Fred Provencher

    In the past Cambridge published a wonderful single column black letter NIV. The print was slightly larger than in the double column and it had no notes — it was text only. They have not released anything like it with the updated translation — Zondervan published a single column with side cross references in the 2011 but it is not the same book block. Any idea if Cambridge has any other NIV Bibles in the works?

    • Randy Brown

      Hi Fred. I haven’t heard from them yet on any other NIV’s, but I’ll keep you posted. I’d be surprised if they don’t make a Clarion.

  6. Linda

    Do you have any idea if cambridge has plans to publish a single column 2011 NIV and if so, when?

    • Randy Brown

      Hi Linda. I’ve forwarded your question to Cambridge. I’ll let you know if I hear anything. I do know that the NIV is one of their favorite translations.

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