Church Bible Publishers has released a new series of Bibles in full yapp, milk chocolate brown Water Buffalo leather. They include a cowhide edge-lined liner and perimeter stitching. The leather covers are handcrafted by AA Leather. They’re made in USA.

It’s available in the midsize Thompson Chain Reference, the midsize Classic Study, the midsize Turquoise Reference, and the Wide Margin Text Bibles. They’re sending a Thompson Chain Reference around to a few reviewers and I was on that list. I don’t get to keep it, so I won’t be able to answer many questions or do more comparisons. Hopefully, I’ve been able to take enough photos to help get an idea of how it looks and feels.

Video Review

Full Yapp Leather

The leather has a carmel brown color that I adore and a beautiful grain that looks and feels luxurious. The yapp (overhang) has stitching around the perimeter and the top and bottom touch as they wrap around the text-block. The front has no printing. The spine has 5 rasied ribs and the text is stamped in gold. The liner is cowhide and also has a gorgeous grain. It’s edge-lined and has no trouble staying open on the first page. The cover itself is stiffer than I expected, but I actually like this as it makes the Bible easy to hold in one hand. It also includes 3 3/8″ ribbons that are 3″ longer than standard Bible ribbons.


Here’s how the full yapp wather buffalo looks compared to their regular yapp water buffalo and the full yapp Longprimer in highland goatskin.

Regular Yapp Water Buffalo

Full Yapp Longprimer in Highland Goatskin

You can get the full yapp water buffalo Bibles from CBP.