Most people spend December getting ready for either Christmas or the New Year and Bible publishers are no exception. I still managed to find a few Bibles that release this month.

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Baker has the Personal Size Giant Print Reference edition of their Tree of Live Version (TLV) Bible releasing this month. The TLV is an authentic Jewish translation of Holy Scripture that highlights the rich Hebrew roots of the Christian faith. This edition will feature a 12.5 font, numerous cross references, and an extensive concordance. It will be available in hardcover and two different imitation leather covers.

An Answering the Call New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs will be available at the end of the month. Featuring the NIV translation this softcover Bible is designed for those who “answer the call” as a commitment, not an option. It includes many prayers and real-life stories contributed by firefighters, paramedics, and chaplains.

The hand size Thompson in Top Grain Cowhide just recently came in stock at Church Bible Publishers. Their popular Notetakers Bible will also be available in Top Grain Cowhide soon.

The Catholic Journaling Bible should be shipping at the end of this month. A reader wrote in and made me aware of this one. It features the NAB-RE translation and is produced by Blessed is She and Our Sunday Visitor. The first specifically Catholic journaling Bible it will be in single column format with wide margins and hand lettered verses for each book. Currently available on pre-order I’ve seen shipping dates ranging between December 22nd and the first week of January.

The biggest news in Bible releases this month is probably the Community Bible Experience from Zondervan. A program to encourage people to read the Bible like they might read a novel (quickly and with a group). It breaks the Bible down into three 40 day and one 50 day reading plans. You could use any Bible to participate but they are publishing the 4-volume Books of the Bible set to make it easier. Each individual book includes all the Bible books for one of the four reading sessions and is designed to be easy to read. (paragraph format, no verse or chapter numbers, no references or other notes). Also available is a journal for taking notes while you read and a video Study curriculum DVD for adults and students to help you hold a book club like class to discuss what’s been read.

To keep the whole family involved there is a coloring book for young children and a NIrV four book set and curriculum DVD set for those aged 8-12. Those who have participated in the trials for this program enjoyed it and found it greatly increased the amount of Bible reading in their church. Please take note that the 8-12 year-olds would be reading an abridged version of the Bible. While I understand the desire to keep everyone in approximately the same place in the Bible and a need for shorter readings for young people to accomplish this I am not a fan of abridged versions in general and even less fond of abridged Bibles.

Final Thoughts

The majority of Bibles release in the spring or fall so the new release posts will probably be small until around March but as long as I can find a few new releases I’ll still be writing them.

What did you think of these new Bibles? Do you want to make any of these last minute additions to your Christmas list? Is there anything you are really hoping to see made in 2018? Let us know in the comments.

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