Prices of Bibles range from a couple of dollars to a couple hundred dollars. Each price range has advantages and disadvantages.


Typically, the more expensive the Bible the longer it will last because it was built with high quality materials. A higher quality cover, binding, and paper should last many years longer than that of lower quality. If you want a Bible that will last then it is better to buy a more expensive Bible than to go cheap and have to replace a Bible because it fell apart.


Inexpensive Bibles are easier to replace. Even though most are made in China it is possible to get a Bible with decent paper and print with a sewn binding. This might be a good choice if you want a cheaper Bible and have it rebound later. Inexpensive Bibles are often easier to write in and carry around because they’re easier to replace. Most are built will low quality standards and materials, so you should inspect their features carefully. For example, sewn bindings are better than glued.


In the long run a more expensive Bible might not need to be replaced for many years whereas an inexpensive Bible would have to be replaced more often, causing the price to be higher than buying an expensive Bible to begin with. With this in mind it’s best to buy the highest quality Bible you can afford.

You can find reviews of Bibles in all price ranges here at Bible Buying Guide to help you find the best Bible for your budget.

Featured image: This is an AMG Handy Size Giant Print KJV.