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Awesome Science Explore John Day Fossil Beds DVD and Study Guide Review

Awesome Science John Day Fossil Beds

Awesome Science is a DVD series, each consisting of a 30 minute episode that covers a specific location and analyzes the science at that location from a Creationist point of view. This episode, episode 6, covers the John Day fossil beds in northeastern Oregon.

The John Day fossil beds have a lot of geological features that includes lava flows that deposited basalt, ash layers, sediment, erosion, the painted hills, and fossils of both plants and animals. This DVD covers each of those features in detail.

There is a lot of geology in this episode. It covers a lot of information on how fossils form and geological erosion, and shows why they point to a catastrophic event. I’ve studied Creation for several years and I stilled learned a lot about geology. I learned more about geology from this DVD than from any other video I’ve seen.

This episode is also available with a study guide. The study guide is a 30+ page booklet with activities that go along with the DVD. The activities include fill-in-the-blank, discussion questions, true/false, and more. The study guide is also filled with facts from the DVD.

I like the Awesome Science series. The DVD’s are only 30 minutes, but there seems to be more information that’s easy to follow and understand in this 30 minutes than what is found in many DVD’s on Creation that are much longer. Noah Justice talks almost non-stop, delivering the information in an easy to follow manner. The information just keeps coming.

I highly recommend Awesome Science Explore John Gay Fossil Beds for both children and adults.


Master Books provided this DVD free for review. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.

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