Ark Encounter Opens July 7th


Ken Ham’s privately funded creation museum, Ark Encounter, opens July 7th. It’s a full-size replica of Noah’s Ark based on the description in the book of Genesis. The museum shows the scale of Noah’s Ark, showing how it actually can fit two of every kind of animal and seven of the the clean animals. It will feature life-size animal replicas, a petting zoo, a restaurant that sets 1500, and lots more.

News outlets are going crazy trying to discredit the Ark Encounter. They’re making false claims that it’s tax funded, too close to the highway and dangerous for kids, scientifically inaccurate, etc. Their scientific claims are based on their own religious beliefs – not scientific evidence. The museum will show that evidence and you can read the evidence at the website under About the Ark or purchase excellent resources from the Answers in Genesis Bookstore.

The Bible Buying Guide crew will visit the Ark Encounter for two media events before the museum opens July 7th. You’ll see plenty of pictures here on BBG.

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