A few months ago a reader named Nick asked my opinion about a custom Bible project to combine several Bibles into one to create the ultimate study Bible. I knew it would be an amazing Bible, but I also knew that it was ambitious. I also knew this ambitious project would require an amazing Bible rebinder to pull it off. I recommended that he approach Ben’s Bibles.

Nick’s Design

Nick spent several months working on this idea, deciding exactly what he wanted in this ultimate Study Bible. He decided to combine the Life Application Study Bible with the topical portions and Cruden’s Concordance of the Dugan Analytical Study Bible and portions of the Thompson Chain Reference Bible.

Here are the notes that I got from Nick:

The Bible rebind consists of the whole Life Application text block, then the Dugan Comprehensive Bible Helps all through to the end of the Cruden’s Concordance. Lastly, the Thompson Chain’s contents listed below were inserted at the end, basically everything after TCR’s Revelation, except its concordance.
I am currently writing in all the Analysis Page numbers and page headings from the Dugan into margins, near all the verses and on top of the pages of the Life Application, so I can use the Dugan portion with the LA.
Here’s a breakdown of the structure:
  1. Black Kangaroo with 1/2” yapp
  2. Burgundy Lambskin Leather Liner
  3. Gold gild line on liner
  4. Joined the Life Application with the Thompson Chain and the Dugan (see below for specifications on what was joined)
  5. Burgundy under gold pages edges
  6. Three Black Ribbons
  7. Red and white head and tail bands
  8. Ribbed spine with “Sword Cross”
  9. Greek Orthodox symbol on front cover
  10. John 1:1 verse gold stamped on inside of front cover
  11. My name gold stamped on inside of back cover
  12. The pages of 3 different bible text blocks were lined up and trimmed and put together
Sections from the TCR:
1. Outline Studies of the Bible
2. Character Studies
3. Prophecies Concerning Jesus and their Fulfillment
4. Bible Harmonies & Illustrated Studies
5. Topical Treasury
6. Archeological Supplement
7. Glossary
8. 14 Color Maps
9. 12 Page Index to Maps
  1. Cyclopedia of Topics & Text
  2. General Index
Do Not Insert:
I’ve decided to not insert these features because they are specific to the Thompson Chain’s text. They were created to navigate the Thompson Chain’s specific structure of the Bible text. It would do me no good to insert it. Also, the Dugan already has its own exhaustive Concordance, Bible Helps and Alphabetical Index specific to the Dugan’s Bible text and structure. So it would just be redundant and a waste of space to insert these features.
INSERTED from the Dugan:
  1. Comprehensive Bible Helps
  2. The Whole Bible Arranged in Subjects
  3. Alphabetical Index of Subjects
  1. Cruden’s Concordance

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Ending Thoughts

I am amazed at what Nick and Ben have created with this rebind. I knew this would be difficult and it would be a large Bible, but I also knew that it would be impressive. I am impressed. It also had another effect… now I want one 🙂

How would you create your ultimate Bible? Let us know in the comments. 

Photos supplied by Nick