AW Tozer (KJV) and the Pursuit of God Bible (NIV) from Hendrickson Publishers

Before I get into my review there are some disclaimers:

1. Aiden Wilson Tozer was a pastor in the Christian and Missionary Alliance, a Charismatic Denomination. I am neither promoting or detracting charismatic denominations; rather I am trying to be up front and honest with you.

2. I purchased this Bible at my own expense and this may be reflected in my review.

“The Word of God well understood and religiously obeyed is the shortest route to spiritual perfection. Nothing less than a whole Bible can make a whole Christian.” —A. W. Tozer


A little about Tozer

A “twentieth-century prophet” they called him even in his lifetime. For 31 years A. W. Tozer was pastor of Southside Alliance Church in Chicago, where his reputation as a man of God was citywide. Concurrently he became editor of Alliance Life, a responsibility he fulfilled until his death in 1963. His greatest legacy to the Christian world has been more than 40 books.

Hendrickson has released two versions of this excellent Bible, a KJV Titled the AW Tozer Bible and an NIV titled the Pursuit of God Bible. The only difference I was able to find between the two is the translation and title. I suspect the differing title for the KJV is due to the propensity of charismatics to use the King James.

Product Information

Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 1664
Vendor: Hendrickson Publishers
Publication Date: 2012
Dimensions: 9.50 X 6.25 X 1.75 (inches)
ISBN: 1598567225
ISBN-13: 9781598567229
Availability: In Stock
Text Color: Red Letter



The first thing I want to deal with is the paper. Unfortunately, the paper choice is an egregious error. It is extremely thin. There is some ghosting and a highlighter will most definitely bleed through, a pen I am not sure of.

Cover, binding, and format

This Bible looks to be smythe sewn. It lays flat no matter where I open. The internal format was a pleasant surprise as it is in a side column reference format, though lacking wide margins.  In most cases, I find the side column format to be much more useful than a center column reference format. It provides less of a distraction when reading while still providing needed and useful resources for the reader.

Special Features

  1. On ScriptureOver 365 selections, each sharing the page with the Bible passage to which it refers, add depth and insight to a particular verse’s application for the believer.
  2. Reflections More than 100 writings that apply the deep meaning of the Christian faith to everyday life.
  3. Challenges Nearly 100 entries, tied to scripture, that exhort the reader to resist complacency in particular areas of one’s “living out” the Word in the world.
  4. Brief Introduction with Outline. Each book includes a brief introduction and a basic outline.

I have seen this Bible categorized in two different ways in bookstores. At Lifeway I found it with the Devotional Bibles and at Family Christian I found it with the Study Bibles. Of the two, Lifeway actually had the accurate category. The Tozer Bible is a devotional Bible, and its a good one at that.

It is very important to note, Tozer and his writings will challenge you in ways that you probably have not ben challenged before. His works are very powerful prompting introspection and prayer. I hesitate to say that Tozer spoke prophetically because I don’t want to spark controversy but there is no other way to describe his writing. If you carefully study the ministries of the Old Testament and New Testaments, you will find that their ministries and that of Tozer are identical enough to say that Tozer ministered with the Gift of Prophecy.

If you do not want to be challenged, do not read the notes. If you want to grow, this Bible is for you.

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  1. Don Denison

    Dear Matthew:

    Thanks for your excellent review, it is nice to know what is available and its quality.

    I haven’t investigated Tozer yet, I suppose it is about time. My shelves are full of Gilson, Mauritan, de Lubac, de Chardin and others, I also have Milton, Calvin, Luther, Spurgeon, Moody, Lewis, Schaffer, Packard, Wycliffe, and Matthew Henry. This odd collection comes from being a Baptist who had a thorough Jesuit education. I must say that the Jesuits kept me close to God and the Protestant writers have helped me defend my faith (when I went to school the University required alternate semesters of at least one class of Theology then one of Philosophy. I have been meaning to read Tozer, and because of your review I will do so now. The Bible is what it is, and I am resistant to on the page commentary, preferring good cross references and well written and thorough appendices such as are found in the Westminster Reference Bible from TBS. The best interpreter of the Bible is I think, the Bible itself. If I am stumped about something, I’ll first go to Wycliffe, then if necessary Matthew Henry (unabridged), then to the other sources including the Jesuits if necessary.

    Thanks for the review, and for convincing me that I need to read Tozer.

    Yours in Christ

    Don Denison

  2. norm

    Don, The Pursuit of God is a very interesting book by Tozer, he wrote the entire book during a train ride from Chicago to Texas, this was all before electronic devices of course. I read somewhere that Tozer had no formal education and that when he would read anything, say like Shakespeare, he would lie down on the floor and ask God to give him understanding. A gentleman that knew Tozer fairly well had mentioned that “he spent more time down on his knees in prayer than at his desk”.

  3. Don Denison

    Dear Norm:

    So good to hear from you again. If you can, please post Tozer’s most significant works, especially his principal one (probably the one you recommended) so I can get started. It is always helpful to begin with the most comprehensive of all of a writers works. It is hard for instance to really understand Milton if you don’t read Paradise Lost first. Thanks for your tip on Pursuit of God, I believe on your recommendation that I’ll start there.

    Yours in Christ

    Don Denison

  4. norm

    That’s a very good question Don, Tozer has written over 40 books, but I’ve only read one. According to Wikipedia the Pursuit of God and the Knowledge of the Holy are considered as classics, here’s a link to Wikipedia with a short biography and a list of his books. I guess I need to pick up a copy of his book the Knowledge of the Holy, I hope this helps.
    You can find Tozer’s books at the link below:

    • Don Denison

      Dear Norm:

      Thanks, I can’t believe that I have overlooked so prolific a writer. Wikipedia does have its uses. I’m looking forward to the reading.

      Yours in Christ

      Don Denison

  5. Nate

    I enjoy Tozer’s works and like to acquire as complete a collection of favorite authors as I can. Sometimes it can be hard to find some of Tozer’s lesser known works in print. Logos software has two collections of his book ( a core collection 57 books and an “upgrade” collection of 11 books) if you wish to have as much as you can. They also have a collection of Andrew Murray’s works as well which I enjoy. Just thought I would mention that for those who would be interested in following up in Tozer’s works beyond the bible.

    By the way I am not an employee of Logos and I am not receiving any kind of compensation for mentioning them here 😉

    • Randy Brown

      Thanks Nate.

    • Don Denison

      Dear Norm and Nate:

      I am convinced, When the books arrive I’ll get started. I hope Tozer is an easier read than Milton; I’ve just finished a re-read of his primary works, very challenging. I will burn some late light reading Tozer I’m sure. Retirement does have its compensations.

      Yours in Christ

      Don Denison

  6. Matthew Sherro

    For those who haven’t read Tozer yet, the selections from his writings in this Bible will be an excellent primer. I highly recommend starting here.


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