We were recently made aware of an interesting project on Kickstarter, The Book of GENESIS by Thornwillow Press.

Thornwillow Press makes collectors editions of classic literature and is printing The Book of GENESIS for their next project.

They launched the Kickstarter campaign in September and it will close October 16th, 2019 at 4:30 PM EDT. It is already fully funded and the books are expected to ship in May of 2020.

Thornwillow Press

Thornwillow Press is not a Bible publisher but has decided to add The Book of Genesis to its library. They say “Above and beyond its importance as a religious document, the Bible has shaped Western civilization, literature, art, and culture.” Thornwillow Press believes ” it is imperative that we preserve and make tangible the texts that have defined our common identities.”

Dedicated to making high-quality collectors editions of the books they print, they are preserving the art of hand binding books.

These books will be letterpressed printed on a Heidelberg Cylinder Press into heavy archival stock. Then pages will be folded into eight-page signatures, collated,  sewn together and hand-bound by master craftsmen.

The Book of Genesis

The text will be printed in four colors, divided up by the sources some scholars assign to parts of Genesis. These sources are the Yahwist represented in red, the Elohist represented in green, the Priestly Source represented in blue, – and the Redactor represented in black. It is hoped that this division will give the text more context and make it easier to understand.

The Book of Genesis is available in a wide variety of covers. The main two covers are a paper wrapper version for a pledge of $95 and a half cloth (board) edition for a pledge of $195. Half leather, vellum, a special Noah’s ark half leather, half leather antique calf, and full leather antique calf bindings are also available in very limited quantities ranging in price from $595 to $3000. There are also several options that include either more than one copy of the Book of GENESIS and/or other journals, books, and portfolios printed by Thornwillow Press. All books will be numbered and signed.

If you are really a collector four different one of a kind versions of this book are available. Each has a very special custom binding, each includes a one of a kind historic document page, and each costs $6500.


For more information about The Book of Genesis and it’s various covers, you can read the full Kickstarter page.

For more information about Thornwillow Press check out their website.

We here at Bible Buying Guide believe in the divine inspiration and complete reliability of Genesis and all the Biblical texts. This book will only appeal to some of our readers (mostly book and Bible collectors). But we like to help promote Bible publishing and other Bible-related projects that acknowledge the importance of God’s Word and encourage people to read it.