The Schuyler Canterbury is Available for Pre-order


Schuyler’s Canterbury KJV is available for pre-order with special pre-order pricing. It’s available in goatskin and calfskin and in several colors. It’s expected to ship in late December.

The Canterbury uses the same 11-point Milo font and 36gsm paper as the NKJV Quentel that I reviewed previously. It will have a verse-by-verse format with Psalms in single column.

You can pre-order here: Pre-Order Schuyler Canterbury KJV.



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  1. Rachel Craske

    This looks like it will be a beautiful Bible. But why put such great effort into it only to leave out the classic KJV marginal notes? It’s not really a proper KJV without them in my view.

    • Stan

      I agree completely. You would never see them removing the NIV’s marginal notes. But when it comes to the KJV, publishers want to strip out part of the translation and a favorite feature of the reader. I won’t be buying this either.

    • Gilbert mcadam

      I am astonished by this. The notes are an intrinsic part of the King James Version, and should certainly be included. Their absence rules out this edition completely as far as I am concerned.


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