Rose Chronological Guide to the Bible was designed to help readers visually see how all of the biblical stories fit together in chronological order from Creation to the end times. It’s available for pre-order in both spiral bound and ebook format. I’m reviewing the ebook, which is available in printable PDF format. I’ve taken images from the sampler.

It arranges every book chronologically and covers the stories of key Bible characters, showing how they fit into the larger story of redemption. It covers the stories with full-color charts, timelines, family trees, charts, tables, book comparisons, art-work, maps, and illustrations, making the biblical narrative come alive visually.

Each of the chapters shows the main topic that’s covered, the date range, and the stories that are covered. It provides the topic, Scripture references, and then a description of the topic. A small box shows the book name, time and place, about the book, and the key verse. It also includes lots of charts and diagrams along with Scripture references. The text is one page and the graphics are one page or more. If it’s has a large timeline it can take several pages. It does have a lot of text, but it’s just as visual. This gives an overview of the Bible.

Several books include information about interpretation and different points of view. For example, Revelation includes information about the different views of the end times. The time between the Testaments covers each of the prominent groups and compares them. The Gospels are taught together, showing how they harmonize. It even includes a massive chart of the Harmony of the Gospels. Many charts of Jesus’s life, ministry, teachings, miracles, prophecies, etc,. are included.

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Ending Thoughts

The visuals are well-drawn and are colorful. I found them eye-catching; drawing me into the text. All of the visuals are amazing. I especially liked the artwork that shows the setting of the story and the photos of the archaeological locations.

The text is also-well-written and uses a ‘show, don’t tell’ writing style that paints pictures with words to put you into the setting. It’s a simplified style that’s easy to follow. It seems to be written in maybe a grade-school level, but it doesn’t talk down to adults of those in higher grades. It’s my kind of writing.

With 170 pages it can’t cover everything in detail. Some events are left out while others are glossed over quickly. Even then, the level and amount of information it does cover is impressive. Rose Chronological Guide to the Bible is an excellent resource for personal study, small group study, Sunday school, and home school.


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Rose Publishing provided this ebook in exchange for an honest review. I wasn’t required to give a positive review.