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A Brief Review of the Allan Longprimer 52i

Guest review by John Maheu.

This is a review of the Longprimer in Black Buttero Calfskin with thumb index (52i). The fonts, text block and everything related to the text is identical to the traditional Longprimer. There are numerous reviews of this available on the internet so I will avoid repeating it.

Although this version is based on the popular Longprimer 53 there are a few important differences. First, the goatskin is replaced with calfskin. Second, the full-yapp becomes a semi-yapp and there is an option for a thumb index which this version has. There are two ribbons in the 52 while the 53 has three ribbons.

One concern I had purchasing this bible was that the inner lining was not leather lined as in the 53 but had a pasted inner page. My experience with other bibles is that often this becomes a stress point and begins to tear after regular use. This is not an issue with this version, as Allan has done a fine job in securing the inner page. The inner page is made of a strong material but I’m not sure exactly what it is. I often fold back the front or back half of the bible while reading and there is no significant wear on the inner lining.

Another important point of departure from the 53 is that the lined pages in the back are missing. I was surprised to find this when I received the bible and wished they keep this useful resource.

How does the calfskin compare to the goatskin? I also have a Allan Brevier Clarendon Wide Margin in highland goatskin and personally I prefer the calfskin. It is softer and more flexible.


• All of the helps and very readable bold text of the traditional Longprimer

• Smythe sewn binding

• Buttero Calfskin is softer than goatskin

• Option for index

• Cheaper than the 53. Bibles Direct (53 £125 , 52 £100 and 52i £115)

• Semi-yapp


• Lined pages for notes missing in this edition

• Inner cover lining is not leather

• Only 2 ribbon markers

This is a great readable bible that I have had in regular use for about one year. It is my favorite bible for reading or looking up a reference.

Longprimer 52i (Buttero Calfskin) and Allan Brevier Clarendon Wide Margin (Highland Goatskin)


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