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Quick Look – Holman Minister’s Pocket Bible

I spent a day in Cedar Springs Christian Bookstore in Knoxville, TN secretly filming reviews and taking pictures of Bibles. This isn’t as detailed as my standard reviews, and some of the photos and videos are blurry, but maybe there’s enough information here to help you decide if this Bible is for you.

The Holman Minister’s Pocket Bible is a small text-only edition in NKJV and KJV about the size of a Pitt Minion. In the back it has a concordance, maps, subject index, and in the middle is has several minister’s helps for events such as funerals, weddings, etc. It’s an excellent choice for taking with you to visitations, etc.

I was especially impressed with the paper and print quality. Paper is at least 30gsm. The font is probably 6-7 point but it’s sharp and easy to read. The KJV was much bolder than the NKJV. The KJV was verse by verse while the NKJV was paragraph. Both are double-column. Both as red letter and have genuine leather with sewn bindings.

Sorry for the blurry pictures. I’ll try to buy this one and write a full review.


Click here to buy from Amazon: Holman Minister’s Pocket Bible

Also available as some local Bible bookstores.


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