Logos Acquires Wordsearch

In a surprising move, Logos has acquired Wordsearch Bible software and will merge Wordsearch resources and customers into Logos. Since Bibleworks has already been discontinued, this narrows the field of high-end desktop Bible software to two players: Logos and Accordance.

Wordsearch was formerly owned by Lifeway. It seems their recent closing of Lifeway stores has affected the software department as well. Rather than allowing Wordsearch resources and customers to suffer a loss with no software to use for Bible study and sermon prep, Faithlife, creators of Logos Bible software, stepped in to provide customers with access to that same library. This is great news considering that Wordsearch has been around for decades and has a large userbase.

The Wordsearch desktop apps will still run for a while, but they won’t be updated or supported. The same goes for the mobile and web apps. Wordsearch users have been migrated to Logos. They don’t have to create a logos account. It’s done automatically. For users with a Wordsearch and Logos account using the same email address their resources are already merged. It may take a while for all of the resources to fully integrate, so Wordsearch users may not see their library for a few days. Faithlife is also working on a way to transfer notes and highlights, but this can take a few months to complete.

This is a unique situation in Bible software. I’m glad to see that both Lifeway and Faithlife partner to create a solution. The only things missing in Logos that were available in Wordsearch are Instant Verse Study, Lessonmaker, and the Sermon/Illustration organizer. Logos does have a few tools that can be combined to do the same tasks. Wordsearch users will have to learn new software, but they won’t lose their library and tools.

Faithlife does have some upgrade options for Wordsearch users. So there are plenty of options if you want more features than what’s available once your library has merged.¬†For more information, see the Logos Wordsearch FAQ page. For more information about Logos Bible software, see our review of Logos 8.

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