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introducing logos 6

Logos 6 adds lots of new features to help Pastors, scholars, students,  and laymen. With such a wide range of tools anyone in your Church can use Logos 6.

For Pastors it helps speed up sermon prep and improves sermon quality through several tools including Visual Copy and Cultural Concepts. These tools help create presentations with ease and gives the Pastor the cultural perspective of the original writers.

Scholars and students will benefit from the word-tools that help them explore the original languages. Tools include Textual Variants, Ancient Literature, Inline Search, Morph Charts, and Text Converters. These tools help explore Scripture side by side with the original manuscripts.

There are also plenty of tools for the laymen: Factbook, Everything Search, and Interactive Media provides some powerful tools for deeper Bible study.

Other tools include Form and Structure of the Psalms, Bible Book Guides, Custom Layouts, Visual Filters, Topic Guide, Timeline, Reading Plans, and Passage Guide. The video playlist below covers many of these tools in detail. The rest are covered in the images below.


visualfilter  TopicGuide Timeline ReadlingPlans PassageGuide



Of course not every Church will need every tool. There are pages available to cover every need ranging from Started to the Collector’s Edition. You can always expand as you grow. Order through Bible Buying Guide’s affiliate link and get a 15% discount:

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About The Author

Randy A Brown

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.


  1. Don Denison

    Dear Randy:

    A great review of a new product. I’m sure lots of folks will benefit from increased speed of access. I hope they sell as many as they can.

    Why then do I look at electronic media with suspicion, if I were Catholic, I’d want my computer exorcised. I suppose I will never be comfortable with modern technology. I want the heft, the feel, the texture of the page, the aroma of the binding for the bible to seem comfortable in my hand. I suppose that when it comes down to it, I just don’t trust the technology. I suppose there were those who felt that their bibles had to be in manuscript to be “real” when moveable type came on the scene. The actual printed word speaks to me much more than any electronic media, I’m one who has given up on TV, and most Radio (no cable or disc). Things like Logos are tempting, but only for a few seconds.

    Yours in Christ

    Don Denison

    • Randy Brown

      Hi Don,

      I’m with you. Software is great for a quick search on my phone, for sermon prep, for writing articles, and for students, but it can never take the place of holding a Bible in your hand to read and study. I always think of my printed Bibles first when I want to look up something or just read, or teach and preach from. I take a Bible with me every where I go. Last week I decided to try reading on my phone instead. I sat in the parking lot with a phone that shut down because it had 1% power and I didn’t have my Bible. It was only 10 minutes, but it was unbearable. I also like holding a Bible because it’s a witness to others that this book is still being read. Software is a great tool and there are tasks that I can’t do without it, but it will never replace my printed Bible.


  2. Don Denison

    Dear Randy:

    Technology is great until you use it and run down the charge. I also agree with you about just having a bible in hand as a testimony. Having a bible and reading it in public has often opened conversations with strangers that gave me the opportunity to bear witness and share my faith. Never underestimate the power of God’s Word, even when it is just sitting there in your hand.

    Yours in Christ

    Don Denison


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