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LCBP Thompson Chain Reference Bible – Unboxing

LCBP Thompson Chain Reference Bible 040

I received my LCBP Thompson KJV Chain Reference Bible and I wanted to share the basic info. It’s a Kirkbride text block with LCBP binding. It is red-letter, calfskin, and has 2 ribbons. The paper is better than my 2010 edition (which was waxy and had a grey tint). This is my favorite edition of the Thompson Chain Reference. It was extremely flexible out of the box. Here are my unboxing photos. I will post a detailed review soon. Click here for the complete review:  LCBP Thompson Chain Reference Bible Review Click here to buy: LCBP Thompson Chain Reference Bible

LCBP Thompson Chain Reference Bible 027

LCBP Thompson Chain Reference Bible 030

LCBP Thompson Chain Reference Bible 033

LCBP Thompson Chain Reference Bible 032

LCBP Thompson Chain Reference Bible 037

LCBP Thompson Chain Reference Bible 042

LCBP Thompson Chain Reference Bible 039

LCBP Thompson Chain Reference Bible 038

LCBP Thompson Chain Reference Bible 034

LCBP Thompson Chain Reference Bible 035

LCBP Thompson Chain Reference Bible 036

LCBP Thompson Chain Reference Bible 041



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  1. Norm

    When you say Kirkbride textbloc are you saying the paper is identical to the Kirkbride or just the typeset? I have 3 Kirkbride Thompson Chains. A 2003, 2010, and a 1984. The 84 has the better binding and is stated as Deluxe Leather. The paper in the 84 I believe is also better and I would say brighter than the other two.

    • Randy Brown

      Kirkbride printed the text using their own paper (I think). LCBP took that and bound it. I’ve owned several Thompsons and this one has the best paper. I have a 2010 edition and the paper feels like it has a film on it and it has a grey tint. I also have a 1988 edition (6th printing – but no printing date. I got it in the early 90’s) that has paper more similar to this one. They feel the same, with the same texture, but the paper in this one is much whiter. My wife’s 2002 edition has a creamier tint and her red is bolder. The darkness of the text is probably the same, but the whiter paper in this one makes it look bolder. I almost always prefer a creamier paper, but the text has to be bold enough to make it readable. It’s not bold enough in my other editions. I’ll post about 40 photos in my review and do some comparisons with the other editions I have.

    • Randy Brown

      OK. 58 photos. I didn’t include comparison shots because they all looked the same with my lighting.

  2. David Alan Philbeck

    I am very interested in buying another Thompson as my first one is a 1964 4th Improved edition Thompson Chain reference Bible and was tattered and falling apart. I have had this bible since the early 1980s and have loved it and taken care of it but as with any bible that is bound in cheap bonded leather, things start to happen after a couple decades of reading it SO, I sent it to Leonard’s Bible rebinding company and had the cover replaced with a beautiful chocolate 19th Century Circuit Riders Goatskin cover which made me fall in love again with my old companion. I received both bibles back a couple weeks ago and could not have been happier with the job they done. I also sent them my Cambridge Cameo KJV bible and had it rebound in beautiful Dark red mahogany Goatskin with the 3 new burgundy ribbons as well . However i do want to get myself a new LCBP Thompson KJV bible in calf skin. does your company offer this bible. I saw it on your webpage and it stated that the LCBP Thompson was purchased through your company. Please get back with me as soon as you have time. I would love to have another Thompson Chain reference Bible of course i prefer the older 1964 edition which im certain you don’t carry. i would love to have the large print edition which i read that you would be getting in as of June 2013 over a year ago. Please let me know if i can buy a new Thompson chain reference LCBP edition with calfskin cover. I am anxious to buy a new one. thank you and Gods best to you and yours. Sincerely, David Philbeck, Mount Holly, NC

    • Randy Brown

      Hi David. I only do reviews. LCBP Bibles are sold from their site:

      Unfortunately the LCBP Thompson has been discontinued.

      My late Pastor had the same 1964 4th edition Thompson. I always thought his paper and print looked much better than mine. I’ve considered getting one.

      I would love to see pictures of your rebound Bibles. They sound amazing. I’ve heard great things about Leonard’s.


  3. David Alan Philbeck

    Didnt realize that this was a blog post. i thought it would be going directly online to be published for everyone to view. so sorry .. i was hoping it would be going to the company that sells these bibles. Oh well.


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